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    Re: Ranking Program

    Perfect! Thank you. Question why do the forumulas above F15 work without doing that?
    Also, if anyone knows the answer to my second question...

    I am trying to edit some formulas Under the Mon-D15 worksheet in this file. The #NUM is where I am having trouble. Basically, what I want to do is only rank the names in C15:C18. I was successful in doing this with C10:C14. But, for some reason it will not work with the lower values.

    Question #2
    Is there a way to make Columns I:O stay static through Rows 1:24 (width=3)?
    I want Rows 25:40 to be different widths (width=2) in Columns I:O.


    Re: Automatically Alphabetize

    Quote from DMariotti

    The Vlookup function doesn't require the list to be sorted if you use the last argument as either false or 0.

    eg vlookup(a3,lookuplist,3,0)


    Awesome, it worked thanx!
    for future reference, is there a way to autmatically sort a list?

    Re: Automatically Alphabetize

    Quote from royUK

    I can't see any formulas in your example, but if it is to be used as a database then your design is all wrong. There should be no empty colums in a database.

    There aren't any formulas, that is what I am asking help for, a formula to make the second set look like the first set. It is not a database (do you mean like a reference sheet or like a microsoft access database? It is for reference)

    I am trying to have a list sorted alphabetically. On the attached sheet the first section of columns is what I want automatically to happen when the second set of columns are entered manually. I am using a VLOOKUP function to pull from the third (fifth column in the function). But the VLOOKUP function requires the data to be sorted otherwise the function doesn't work. So, I would prefer to not have to sort the data (if anyone knows a better way then that would be great), otherwise is there a way to automatically alphabetize the data?

    Re: Relocking a worksheet

    Or how bout this? Is there a way to allow users to edit cells but not save the file? therefore the file is always locked and will never be changed unless a password is provided?

    Re: Relocking a worksheet

    Quote from norie

    The best way to get the code for that would be to turn on the macro recorder and do the password/protection manually.

    I have never used the macro reader, do you have a link to a tutorial for that?

    Is there a way to relock a worksheet?
    How can I set excel to always require a password to make modifications on a sheet? So, if someone closes the program and forgets to protect the workbook, Excel will automatically do it with the same password?

    Quote from Domenic

    The column references for the Match and Small functions should be absolute...

    If you're still not able to get the formula to work, post back and provide more details -- how many columns, sample data, etc. -- since I'm not sure what you're working with.

    The formula works after i modified it. but why should match and small functions be absolute?

    Quote from Domenic

    Can you post your formula?


    For some reason, row B wouldn't work, in Row C i have it as single digits
    Row B is with 3 decimal places. like 12.345
    and C is 12
    could that have been the problem

    Hey thanx for your help!
    i figured out how to manipulate the formula as to how to make it work! i was wondering though if you could explain the function you gave me? so i can learn how to do it next time

    I have a list of names, next to the names are numbers that range from 1-50 and in different order. These numbers come from another sheet in the workbook that are entered by the user. i want the names to be sorted by their number beginning with one as they are entered by the user.
    how can i do that? what formula should i use?

    How would i go about sorting numbers. What forumula what i use.
    Basically, how would i sort the numbers 1 through 10

    and make it go numerically 1 - 10? TIA!

    I didn't think about some people having the same rankings
    Thank you for all your help. I am slowly learning excel and still understanding the formula you have given me slowly.

    thanx for your help, so basically it is not possible to protect one cell with a different password from the workbook that will get by even advanced users ha!