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    Re: Hide value

    Thanks a lot.

    By the way is there a way to use it with this function


    C5 will always have value so the D5 should be blank if A:A or B:B has no value in the databas sheet

    I would appreciate it a lot if someone could explain to me how I hide the value in the cell which a result is stored in when one of the two cells in the calculation is empty.

    For exaple:
    C1 should be blank if A1 or B1 is empty in this formula:

    Thanks in advance


    Re: Find And Sum

    Excel 2007 is giving a #invalid (not sure if it is the correct translation – using a non English version) in the "Function Arguments" window. But in excel 2000 it is not.
    Will A:A work properly in the SUMIF function in both versions of excel?[hr]*[/hr] Auto Merged Post;[dl]*[/dl]I would appreciate help with another problem as well.
    I have a debit and a credit column. If one cell in debit is lager than a cell in credit than I would like excel to calculate the difference and add the difference in a cell in the correct column.
    For example:

    Column A Column B
    ====== ======
    Debit Credit
    299,9 300

    Column B contain 10 cent more than column A.
    Excel shall then add 0,1 in a cell below 299,9.
    If Column A would contain a larger amount then excel should add the difference in row below column b. The row will be fixed. All excel have to do is to know what column to add the difference in.

    Re: Find And Sum

    Appreciate it a lot.

    I will go with sumif sounds to me like the better one.

    If I would like the entire A and B column to be active then it look like this, right ?

    Re: Find And Sum

    I never said that. I said, “I dont think that would work either as I understand the functon.” It is a huge difference.

    I have some questions if it is ok.

    • Why is there a + sign in front of the function?
    • How do I change the function so it goes down to the bottom of column A and B – not just to 100 ?
    • I am not able to fill the function down, I get a missing error
    • How does it look like as a countif function – I see lost more knowledge on excel than I thought

    Re: Find And Sum

    I dont think that would work either as I understand the functon.

    If I have cost centre 566 in sheet one I would then like the function to find each cost centre 566 in column A in sheet 2 and then sum the amounts it finds that is in column B ( then add it to column C in sheet one) - cost centre shall not be calculated in to the sum - only the amount it represent in column B shall

    Re: Find And Sum

    Sorry wrote it in a hurry I see, ment accounts department :)

    Sorry countif does not cut it. I need to calculate the number each cost centre represent. As in my example it is 5532 + 6000 for cost centre 566


    I have a problem at the economy unit that I would be very thankful if you guys could help me solve. The problem is I have an invoice which is divided into a ton of cost centre. I need an easy way to sum the amount for each of the cost centre and then added it another sheet in excel which carry an accountancy order.
    The way I look at how it would work out is something like this,

    All I would like to have to do is add cost centre and amount in sheet two and accounting entry in sheet one, the rest is for excel to handle

    If you find a better way solved this by, feel free to let me know about it.

    I am using Office 2000 at the office.

    Best regards


    Re: Calculate the freqeuncy of drawing a pair from a card deck ?

    Hmm, the 4 represent the numbers of aces in the first draw and 3 represent the numbers of aces in the second draw, 52 and 51 are the numbers of cards in the deck before the first draw and after the first draw. What I don't get is why multiply 4 and 3 and divide it with the multiplication of 52 and 51.
    I found another way to put it to get the same result; (4/52)*(3/51). I find this way of calculating it easier to read ;).
    How would the calculation look if I draw three cards instead of two but I am still only interested in the frequency of a ace pair appearing (would like to see the different between that one and a pair of kings too) ?

    Quote from norie

    Do you mean only 1 worksheet gets printed or only 1 workbook?

    BTW I'm on XL97, NT and it works.

    Every workbook only got one worksheet :)

    It does ? Hmm maybe it is the end user that is the problem then - me that is ;)
    What I did was browse to the folder where the files are located then mark the ones I want to print and click print.

    I found another way to do it, I made a shortcut to the printer put it in the send to folder. Marked the ones to print and then send to and picked printer. Now for the first time I got a message saying I am trying to print more than one and ask if that is what I want to do. When I agree to it, it does the job, but I have to agree to allow every file to use macros and and answer if I want to save changes (even though no changes was made)

    oh, sorry about that. What happen is, only one file gets printed :(. The OS I'm using is Windows 2000 - guess that it is too old for this handy function that XP got.
    It would be lovely if you would be able to find another way to do it.
    How do you mean I would do it in Excel ?