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    Hi all,

    I'm trying to create a button (linked to a macro) which will fade out when certain conditions are not met, similar to the default buttons on the toolbars.

    For e.g. if nothing has been copied onto the clipboard (either within excel or from some other application, eg, notepad), the paste button on the toolbar is faded out. Only when something has been copied, then the paste button will light up and be available for use.

    I'm trying to achieve the same effect with a button that I created. Basically, I'm trying to ensure that users can only paste values in a certain area and format only. However, not surprisingly, my macros bugs out if the clipboard is empty.

    Does anyone know if there is way to disable the button (and show that the button has been disabled, either graphically or a message) if the above conditions (nothing pasted onto the clipboard) is not met?

    Grateful for any suggestions or advice on this problem.

    Many thanks and have a nice weekend!

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to ensure that all users of my file can't switch off the macros (to ensure that the file works as it should).

    Does anyone know if it's possible to switch off the pop-up box which asks if you want to enable / disable macros?

    Many thanks and cheers!! :)

    Hi iwrk4dedpr,

    Many thanks for your advise. :)

    Just like to clarify one thing.

    Are you suggesting that after protecting the sheet, I build the macro to unprotect the sheet, do its stuff, then protect the sheet again, before exiting.

    Then, as the project is protected under the VBA editor, even if anyone tries to edit the macro manually, they won't be able to do so?

    Thanks & kind regards. Cheers!

    Hi all,

    Wondering if anyone can help. I've got a file for users to input data, which will then be manipulated and computed using macros (user has option to select which button (or macro) to run).

    I would like to protect the worksheet (other than the input cells) but when I do so, the macros don't work, as expected (some amount of cutting & pasting involved.

    I thought of building the macros to unprotect the sheet each time it is run, but this leaves little security as the users will still be able to unlock the worksheet by viewing the macro file itself.

    Is there any way to Enable the macros, Protect the sheet AND still keep the password hidden at the same time?

    Grateful if someone could help out. I've been cracking my head for some time on this little problem. :?

    Many thanks and kindest regards to all. Cheers! :)