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    Erm, why must be a new workbook? Can I just save my current workbook directly as .xla file? My workbook contain a database and a lot of useforms, marco also.... Is is possible to transfer it to a xla addIns? Just something similar like the frontline system( solver addIns. Can someone pls enlight me how i can achieve this?



    Originally posted by Maqbool
    Another way is: Copy your macro to a new blank workbook and save this workbook as a "xla" fie. Then Add-in this file in your excel (Tools > Add-Ins > Browse > then select the file you saved as xla.

    Now you can use your macro any workbooks.

    Knowing that excel can be use to solver the rostering problem by using SOLVER . Instead of setting the changing cells to "binary mode"(1 represent is working day and 0 is an off day). Because need to deal with different shift in a day, can we set the changing cells to "integer mode"?(different number represent different shift). But i stuck when i want to set a minimum number of ppl in every shift. Can any expert please enlight me?

    Thank you very much..

    I'm doing a linear progrograming by using solver in excel... In my programming, I need to set some constraints for the solver model to solve the result accordingly. Instead of using "binary" for the changeing variable, I decided to using "integer" to save the capacity of max 200 changeing variable. Ok, now i am facing a difficultly is as below..

    1. Due to using integer for changing varible cells. I cannot do a simple SUM to limit the number of resourses i need in every shift. Now i am implementing one coloum to handle a day shift(total 4 shifts in a day, intend to save from 4 coloum(binary mode) to 1 coloum(integer mode, 1 represent shift one and so on)). But then i set a constraints like
    countif(B1:B50, "=1") >= 3
    (so that the solver will give me in this day, at least 3 ppl will be assigned in shift 1. I did the same constraints format to shift2, 3 and 4 also by vary the "=1" to "=x"... but i realised the solver seem cannot recognise the countif function(i try sumif as well). May I know is it the dependency problem??

    If yes, any suggestion what can i do?

    hi, using excel solver and realised that it will solve the change variable cells acording the constraints we set in the way of "Top to Boottom". It mean that when the solver meet all the constarints then it will be the solution. This will cause a heavier "workload" to be assigned to the front row cells (example: r1 will be use more than row 20). Is there any way to solve this problem, so that all row will be assigned a balance workload?

    Hi ,all. To enhance my project, now finding the posibility to do the following things... pls help

    1. Is it a way let the system auto accept my own project macro? Is it through setting the digital signature? How does it work?

    2. Due to running my project need the user preset some addIns for his excel, like solver, Analysis Tool-Pak, etc.. one more, every time i move the workbook to other pc.. it need me to set the solver.xla as reference in the excel_vb model. Is it a convenience way like make a setup(.exe) file? so that every time i run the setup file.. all this things will be done? If yes, how I can do it?

    Please alight. Thank in advance.

    hi all, i am facing a weird problem here.. Currently doing a project using the excel solver. Due to so of the constraints, I need to define the solver model in VBA code. (Note: saving the model then load it cannot fulfill all my constraints in my project.) Ok, now come to the problem:
    (I have already set the reference to solver.xla)
    1. Realised the SolverAdd, SolverDelete and SolverOk cannot work in my code.. I have follow exactly the syntax

    Example: SolverAdd cellref:="E4:H4", relation:=1, formulatext:="$E$58:$H$58"

    After I run it, then i check from the solver(in excel worksheet: Tool->Solver). I can't find this constraint was added there?!! As what i understanding, it should be there until I reset it.

    1. I start my project in MS Office 2000, but when I run the workbook in MS Office XP, it give me error message:something like "internal error or run out of memory". But i check the memory status, it still got quite a lot available.. that pc is run under 256 RDRAM . So the question is, VBA Solver function got problem when runing in different version of excel??

    Try to seek around for quite a long time, but still can't solve the problem. Any expert in this forum pls alight me. Thank for million.