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    Thank You So Much!!!

    thanks jindon... i didn't know it can be done by a formula... seems like my teacher's kinda well...dumb ( i dont know how to put it sensitively).. hehehehe... he says it can only be done in vba... thanks so much.. thanks to ROYUK also

    hi guys... please help me with these problem.. i have no excel-vba programming background so please bear with me...
    -here's the problem

    i have a column(E) "Order Placed" and column(F) "order Received"
    if i typed in a value in Col(E) example : E(13) = 5000
    the same value should appear in col(F 25), this means that the same value should appear after 12 cells in Column F

    another example... if col(E 20) = 2500 col(f 32) = 2500 also..

    how do i do this... please help.. kinda urgent :yikes: