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    works very nicely jindon, thanks for your help, only problem is that it takes years to recalc. I guess formula is too complicated.

    I want to delete out the rows and keep only the data, that just hides the information, also this would be linked to another sheet, so if deleted, I would get reference errors on the 4th sheet. Anyway of running a macro to do all this and then pasting on the third sheet so this would avoid the reference error. Thanks.

    Hi, I have a question, I have two different spreadsheet, I want to take just one column of both spreadsheets to a 3rd sheet and then delete out all duplicates on that 3rd sheet.

    the one column on both sheets is ID#s, one is from a prior date and one is from a future date. Some ID's might not be in the prior date and some might not be in the future date and some are in both. So how do I combine the two different spread sheets to give me a ID listing of both dates without duplicating the ID's.