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    Thanks for the suggestions, however I tried both and I still have the same problems. When I am on the answer wizard tab or the contents tab, anywhere I move the pointer on the help screen it is a double sided arrow

    Thanks again, Kevin

    Hopefully someone can please help? When I go to my VBA Help screen and click on the answer wizard tab or the contents tab, I cant enter or click on anything. The pointer just changes to a double headed arrow and wont do anything.

    Thanks, Kevin

    Please HELP!!

    I am not a VBA pro by any means, and could use some help. I have in the past set sheet properties through VBA (Alt F11) like "Scroll Area" and other things and they worked. I am trying now but it only works while I have the active workbook open, once I close it and reopen (even after saving changes) the settings in the VBA all reset and are not saved. I would greatly appreciate any help.

    Thanks, Kevin

    I'm sure someone can help, I would like a macro to select every other row in a spreadsheet, and insert a row ahead of them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I do not know a lot of VBA, but I'm trying to learn.