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    Hello dangelor, the formula worked partial for what I want. But I need to compare A1 on sheet 1 to every value in column A on sheet 2. When I find a match, I need to get the value for column B in the same row that matched A1 on sheet1. I need to do this for ever value in Column A on sheet 1. I think I am going to have to use vba to do this. I know how to program, but not vba. Thanks for your help.

    Hello all,
    Please refer to the attached xls sheet to understand my problem description.

    How do I compare value A1 on sheet 1 to A1:A6 on sheet2? Once I get a match for A1 on sheet 1 to Ax (x=1-6) on Sheet 2, I want to take the value of Bx (same number as the x in Ax) on sheet 2 and paste it in A3 on sheet 1. I want to loop through A1:A5 on sheet one doing this same thing.