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    Re: Retrieve Data From Website Page

    "I would like to grab the Stock value - 3 weeks?
    I would like to grab the Stock value - Call?"

    Hi Tim...

    This information is where? I saw nothing in the pages that even hinted toward the above...

    Re: Changing Cell Data By Custom Function

    Hi Dave; Kubota...

    "standard or non-standard"

    Definitely non-standard. :)

    Please post some info about your logical design. What are you trying to do? Under limited circumstances you can use a custom worksheet function to bend the rules. There may be a better alternative for you. In my experience, I have only run into several occasions where it was plausible to use a UDF called from a worksheet cell or workbook name to change properties. Usually, you can utilize the calculate event to get by the limitation.

    Re: Get Number From Web Page

    Did you look at the html code and decide where to extract from?

    Yes. I just searched visually for a couple of landmarks in the source and used them for reference points. It could be a dozen other strings. Of course if the structure of the page changes, the code will break...

    Re: VBE Color Pallet

    No Richard. All colors are available. I think the OP wants a customized color? Select your userform, and for instance, the backcolor property. Click the dropdown, select the Pallete tab and right click on any of the squares that are reserved for creating custom colors. This would be the last two rows which will all be white if you have not defined any custom colors. There are 48 predefined colors and room enough to save 16 additional custom colors. You can create any color your system will support for your userforms and controls.

    Re: Extract Dividend Ex-Date From Yahoo Finance Web Page

    Another option using a function. Format the cell containing the function as date. If you need a string returned, just wrap this in the text function or edit the code...
    Place =DividendDate() in some cell. The code goes into a standard module...

    Re: Get Number From Web Page

    From a cell

    Re: Reference Cells To Run In Subroutine

    Look at this code. Whenever you assign a range to a variant, you will get a 1 based two dimensional array. The first dimension for rows, the seconds for columns...

    Re: Prevent Workbook Save But Allow SaveAs


    If I were using your spreadsheet I would get rather annoyed, no offence Tstom.

    :) Even better. The annoyance will follow every copy made. Code should probably be packed into an addin.

    Re: Reference Workbook By Project Name

    Of course, as long as the name is unique and it is currently open. Change "ThisWorkbook" to a unique name...

    For example, open Excel with default Book1. Add a workbook. In either project, rename ThisWorkbook to ThatWorkbook. Now run the following code from anywhere within the two separate projects that are now open...

    Re: Use Text In Cell As Code

    Sure. I don't see the benefit the way you are using it, but, nevertheless, you can do some useful things using one or both of the methods below...

    Re: Translucent Userform Label

    If you can help understand more precisely what your design is, I can likely help you out.

    You have a picture in what? The userform? An image control in the userform? You want to overlay sections of the picture with controls that display a border on mouse over or mouse down, highlighting a part of the picture? Please explain and, if allowed, attach an example...

    Re: Prevent Workbook Save But Allow SaveAs

    I think this may be what you are looking for?