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    I'm working on a macro to partly delete strings like this : Mededeling: PAYCONIQ 6C328820EFFE1F7187A0762B FRITUUR DENISE Persoonlijke info: 6C328820EFFE1F7187A0762B

    There might be more varying text before the word "mededeling"

    The long alpha-numeric part appears twice every time but is otherwise unique.

    This part : FRITUUR DENISE Persoonlijke info: 6C328820EFFE1F7187A0762B should completely be deleted.

    I'm quite familiar with vba but this is a hard one for me. Thank you very much for helping me out .


    I have a column with dates (dd/mm/yyyy) in which I want to replace
    every 29/02 with 28/02.
    It works perfectly with the regular "Replace" menu item. Recording
    that succesfull process generated the following code :

    Selection.Replace What:="29/02", Replacement:="28/02", 
    LookAt:=xlPart, _ 
            SearchOrder:=xlByColumns, MatchCase:=False, 
    SearchFormat:=False, _ 

    However, executing this very same code gives no result.
    I have a testrange [A1:A20] where I make sure there is at least one 29/02 date. No result.
    How come? Is there an other efficiënt way for such replacement?
    Thanks very much for any help here.