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    Hi everyone,

    Could some one advise me how can I make the macro below work faster for me. I am not an expert with macro and found this on internet and modified it to my requirement. Basically what I am trying to do is if the cell value in column C and D is 0, I want those rows hidden. I have 50,000 rows in the sheet. Macro takes about 2-3 minutes to run. Is there any way I can make it quicker.

    Any help with this will be appreciated. Also is it possible to change this macro in a way that I don't have to specify a sheet number, instead it just takes the active sheet. FYI, my range is fixed that I want this macro to look at starting from A2:D50003. Row 1 is heading. I have noticed that if I add any extra column after column D, it makes macro go even slower. Thanks in advance.


    Hi Everyone,

    I need some help with the macro below

    In the above macro, instead of saying my username "sharmam",what can I do so the filepath automatically picks up the current username who is logged on to the computer. The file that has this macro will be available on company intranet and I want user to save the file on their desktop first before starting to use it.

    Any help with this would be highly appreciated. FYI, I am a beginner with macro and I copied the above from somewhere else but it works great.

    many thanks

    Hi Experts,

    My first day at this forum as I really need help with this. I am brand new to macros/VBA so please be kind. your help/suggestions will be highly appreciated. I want to have a macro that should do the following:

    1) It should not allow users to print the worksheet except if it's done through this macro

    2) Check if certain cell (such as A3, B10 and C23) are filled (not empty).

    3) If empty, does not allow print, if filled, print the work sheet.

    Is this possible or I am dreaming. Please help...much appreciated.