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    Re: One Of Many Results Based On Cell Value

    Thanks Ger
    So Close to what i want. if you look at the file i posted. What i was trying to say was, if the numbers were not met the cell would be blank. even if you added a yes to any of the boxes.
    If the count is was 4 and i put a yes in the training box the main cell would then be blank. if i didnt it would stay as "Training"

    Try mine, but i didnt want to have to use all the "if's"

    does this make sense?


    Re: One Of Many Results Based On Cell Value

    Thanks all
    I am Ok with lookup, but the problem i am having is i dont know how to get a lookup to look to two different cells at the same time.
    example is
    Lookup looks at A1 finds number 4 and returns "training" but if B1 has the word "Yes" then the lookup would return a blank. If B1 did not have "Yes" in it then A1 could be any number, "Training will always be returned. Then same for 6,9, and so on.

    Hope this explains



    i have been using the IF but have ran out, so was hoping vlookup could help.

    I have a running total starting at 1 and going up to 21. (At each 3 a criteria will be triggered 3,6,9,12,15,18,21)

    Once a person gets to 3 i would like a cell to say "training".

    The figure would continue to be added to but "training" would still be displayed until a "yes" was place in a cell to say training had been done.
    Then the cell that had the word "Training" in it would be blank again until the figure reached six was reached and would then say "Code" this would then stay visible until a yes had been placed in the cell next to the other yes and would then be black until 9 was reached. And so on.

    This will continue at every 3 up to 21

    I'm not sure if its two criteria's or two different lookups

    I Hope you can help and this makes sense