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    I want to create a drop down list that is sourced from a linked network file. What I want to do is give people the Word doc and have it link back for its drop down to a Word or Excel file on our shared network. This will allow for me to update the list box without sending them a new Word doc.

    Thanks for the help!!!

    I have written some VBA that reads a list of business units and puts the Business unit name in some cells and then saves it based on the Business unit name. The problem is that the created spreadsheets still has the code that created them. Therefore, when it is opened, the spreadsheet asks about enabling macros, plus the VBA is viewable.

    Ideally what I want to do is delete the VBA before it saves or eliminate the macro enable question. Any ideas?

    I have written some VBA that looks in a directory and opens XLS files performs an operation and goes on to the next file. This works fine. It is designed to work through the whole directory. What is not working is when there are links, it stops. I do not want to update links, but want to go forward with my code. How can I do this?

    Re: Advancing to next sheet tab to run code

    It gives an error 1004, ungroup method of range class failed.

    Beginning of my code:
    Selection.EntireRow.Hidden = False
    Selection.Rows.Ungroup '<---------------------Error Here

    I have written a macro that does some work on a sheet tab. The work book that I need to run this on, for each sheet tab individually, has over 100 tabs. What I want is some code that will let me advance to the next tab automatically and execute my code and so on until it completes the last tab.


    I want to disable the ability to "Cut" via the tool bar. I already have disabled right clicking and cutting, Ctrl x and drag and drop, but I have not been able to figure out how to disable the Cut icon on the tool bar.

    Can anyone help?

    I have been having trouble writing VBA in Excel that allows me to delete worksheet tabs (even if they are hidden). I am getting hung up if the tabs don't exist and therefore I get an error.

    Assume there are three sheet tabs (sheet1, sheet2, sheet3) in the workbook. Assume that sheet3 is hidden. Assume we want to delete these tabs and sheet4 (if it was there). Any tabs could be missing or hidden. What I want is a procedure that will delete these 4 sheets if they exist and properly handle any error.

    Can anyone please help?


    Thanks. When you say a loop, do you mean individually changing each link cell versus any kind of global replace? It is a hard to ID all the cells that are linked to put them in the loop. Any other ideas?

    I am less concerned about how to make the choice than I am trying to get the current link name and then change it to the new selected name. In other words, there will be a single source worksheet and I want to change all the links to a new source.


    I have a large spreadsheet that is designed to be used for reporting of info from other data input spreadsheets that can have many different names although they are formatted exactly the same. What I want to do is allow a user to change the links through out the reporting spreadsheet to point to the particular data spreadsheet that they want to use. I am stuck on how to give them a choice of the particular workbook and then change the links to point to that workbook.