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    Thanks for the tips fellas. I'll look into them to see what I can learn. Meanwhile I researched macros and made my first one. Holy smokes! It did all the transposing, cell modifications, text wrap changes, and column width changes in a flash, that I need to do for each of the 280 sheets. Now that that will be fast I don't think relinking will take too long because all the 280 cells in sheet one are linked to the same cell, S8, on the remaining 280 sheets, so I'll just need to paste S8 280 times. I'll let you know if I get stuck. Thanks again!

    Thanks for the response Barrie,

    It says excel cannot find a match. I don't think this would work because I want to transpose data on sheets 2 through 280 and the cells in sheet one are linked to cells in sheet 2-280 rather than cells in sheet 2-280 linked to sheet1. Isn't there a way to just select the area and transpose without a copy and paste? I imagine not, but maybe there is another trick that may work?

    Hello Ozgrid!

    I'd like to transpose some cells. If I do it by copy/paste special/transpose, then it works but then I loose the links that the cells have to other sheets. I have 280 sheets and it will take some time to transpose in this manner and then re-link everything. Is there a way to just select the cells and then transpose them directly? I believe I have done this before but I forgot how and I tried to find it in excel help but couldn't. Please fill me in if you know the trick! Thanks! :guitar:


    Hello Doug,

    the link program doesn't work if I close excel and re-open it. It says I need to re-enable the macros. How do I do that so they are permanantly enabled everytime I open the file?

    (I accidentally wrote Egad in the email I sent you!)


    You're the man, it worked!! :guitar: Slam! I should be able to transfer this to the actual file I'm working with but if I have trouble I'd like to be able to email you. Let me know if that's all right. Thanks again!



    I put in column A on sheet1 in cells A1-A10 the words, Chemical1, Chemical2...Chemical10. Then I changed the name of sheet1 to "Index" and the made ten consecutive sheets labeled Chemical1 to Chemical10. Then I went through all the instructions you gave me and pasted the subroutine you gave me. Then I went back the the index and clicked on "Chemical1" but it didn't take me to the sheet I named "Chemical1" I must just be missing one step. Is there a compile button I need to press first? Please let me know what I need to do. Thanks!!

    Thanks Doug, I am going to try this right now and I'll let you know if I get stumped!


    Egad, Thanks for the response you posted. It looks like what I am looking for, however I have never done any programing of this sort in excel. Is the subroutine you posted something I enter directly into a cell or how do I apply it?

    Thanks so much for the extensive reply Dennis. I took a look at your website also, had to translate to English, though. (My sister may have been able to understand a little, she lived in Denmark for a year and a half and learned Danish) Well, the reply you posted looks like a type of subroutine programing. I've never written any programing in Excel so I don't know how to start. Is this subrouting something I enter directly in the cell?

    Hello everyone. I just discovered this site and I am excited to have it as a resource. Here's what I am working on doing:

    We would like to set up a Workbook in excel such that Sheet1 has a list
    of 100 items and then Sheet2-Sheet101 contain details on these items. We
    want to link them such that if we select item #25 on Sheet1, it will bring
    us right to Sheet25 to add information and save.

    I would really appreciate any info as to how to do this. Thanks!!