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    Re: VLOOKUP more than one instance

    Sorry for the above messed up tables.
    The above tables are as follows
    Table 1:
    number role
    4 IT Senior Manager
    4 IT Senior Manager
    4 IT Risk Officer
    4 IT Developer
    4 BU system Owner

    Table 2:
    Eon Id

    Re: VLOOKUP more than one instance

    I have an issue.. NumberRole 4 IT Senior Manager4 IT Senior Manager4 IT Risk Officer4 IT Developer4
    BU System Owner


    What I am looking for is "I want run a query in table 2-column 1 matching with the Eon ID with number-4(column 1) of the first table and if it matches then i should be able to check whether for the number, is there a role named as " IT Senior Manager" or "IT Risk Officer" in column 2 of table 1. If the roles are there then the output should be "IT senior Manger" (if it is there otherwise) "IT Risk Officer".

    Can i do thuis using vlookup and an IF condition?
    for example I tried:
    =IF(VLOOKUP(A2,userrole,2,FALSE)="IT Senior Manager",TRUE,FALSE)

    I get the output as true
    problem with this is it only reads upto the first instance of number 4 and doesnt go down till the number 4 ends.
    How do i get that going?

    Suggestions are highly appreciated.