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    Hi Y'all,

    I'm not sure if this is a word problem or something else, but any help would be appreciated.

    Can you please help me with this problem concerning word and the formatting as it appears on two different screens.

    I have attached a word document showing the two different screen shots of the same document, but please look closely and you'll see the formatting gets thrown out.

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thnanks for the help Chris.

    i had wanted to change my personal details and place my handle rather than my actaul name, but that doesn't seem possible. Will I need to re-register under my handle?

    This is a real useful site. how do you get to look back at previous posts? I admit to being useless on forums. i have tried a couple before, and they leave me bewildered.

    Is there a specific word help site too, or can they help you on here too?

    Thaks again for all your help,


    Hi there Epidemic,

    Many, many thanks for the prompt reply. I am about to try it out now.
    This is a brilliant site, one I shall be using many times no doubt. I had tried to do it myself using an IF statement, but it was nowhere near yours.

    Unfortunately I don't know macros at all, but will need to get into them at some stage.

    Thanks again,

    PS Is there any way of updating your profile on this site? I want to change a couple of errors on mine

    Hello all,

    My name is Andy, and I could really do with some help here.

    I have posted a question on the excel/vba site in error.

    I think it should have been on this one instead.

    I'm new to forums etc.. so tend to lose myself with where I'm supposed to be. Apologies for the ignorance, but hopefully as i use this site more, I'll become more accustomed.

    My problem is as follows;

    Where I work, our passes have a 60day expiry limit. What they want me to do is set up in Excel or Access a formula or system whereby 14 days prior to the 60 day expiry, a message or notification will come up warning of the expiry, so they can arrange for new passes.

    I've tried doing an if function where I get a message, pass expires in 14 days, but it does it for all dates.

    How the hell can I set it up so it counts 60 days from the first date, and then gopo back 14, to warn me that in 14 days the pass will expire.

    I hope this makes sense,



    I have been set this task, but am having problems getting a true result. The query is as follows:
    We use passes that expire after 60 days, so they want a reminder set up in Excel and/or Access to show that 14 days prior to the 60 days expiration a message or something is displayed warning that the pass needs to be replaced in 14 days.

    Like you i am presuming thay are requiring it on a day to day basis, so will possibly be requiring it on a calendar format

    Sorry for the ambiguity, but any help would be appreciated.