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    Hi AJW,

    This excel sheet is reallv too good.

    Which is the site you are mentioning here?

    Looks to be interesting.

    Hi BobShalford,

    Can you please give an example. It was really difficult to understand what is exactly expected.

    If you can attach some sheet with example and elaborate what you exactly want, some one here will surely be able to help you.

    Hi noeyedeer,

    You can use "weekday" formula

    I think following changes will work:

    While Show_Box = True
    Sheets("INT RATES").Select
    oldval = Range("a9999").End(xlUp)
    Range("a9999").End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).formula = oldval + 1
    If weekday(oldval + 1) = 1 or 7 Then
    ActiveCell.Offset(-1, 1).copy
    ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).PasteSpecial Paste:=xlValues
    End If
    valdat = Worksheets(6).Range("a5").End(xlDown)
    ' Show the input box.
    Response = InputBox("Enter the interest rate for " & valdat, _
    "Number Entry", , , 1000)

    Important part is, you will need to look for "formula" and not "value" to get the weekday formula right.

    Hope this works.

    Hi Rennie,

    Very interesting and identical to the problem i am facing currently.

    I could not do it, and tried to do some R&D on that.

    The fact that we see a htm page from excel, is that the html code is internally created from excel and saved as htm.
    If there are more than one sheets, multiple htm pages are created inside a folder and the main htm just has a link to all other pages. Thus, the features of excel are completely lost.

    That is my own experience, and if someone has come over it, i will be the first person (may be second after Renni
    :coolwink:) interested in it.

    But thought, this will throw some more light on this issue

    As Replied by Yogi, Even I am not exactly sure of the query.

    However, here is how you can give a range-name using VBA script.

    You can change the code to suit your requirement.

    Sub Range_Name()
    Dim a, b, c, rname As String

    a = Left(Trim(Range("A2").Value), 3)
    b = Trim(Range("B2").Value)
    c = Trim(Range("c2").Value)
    rname = a & c & b


    ActiveWorkbook.Names.Add Name:=rname, RefersToR1C1:= _
    End Sub

    If this is similar to what you expect,
    and want further help, let us know.

    If i have misunderstood the question completely, really sorry for that :flower:


    I have created small VBA scripts and small forms in Excel, but never created a full-fledged application in excel.

    I want the user to see just the form i am
    creating, save the data in the same excel sheet, if possible on different sheets for different tables.

    Can anyone give me examples of this,
    preferably with the code.

    I am sure someone will help me.
    I wish to see as many such examples as possible, and be sure, i will post my own
    as well, when i am thru.


    This may be helpful to youl.

    I had a task of grading employees on various skill sets, and for each employee there were 10 criteria and each going into "Average, Good, Excellent and Outstanding"

    Now to show the performance of each on each sacle, the numbers were not the best way, so we desided to have a colour scheme. The Cells calculated the grade based on marksings in each cell.

    ="Total="&C10&" "&IF(C10<200,"Average",IF(C10<800,"Good",IF(C10<1500,"Excellent","Outstanding")))

    The task of giving a colouring was delt be conditional formatting as shown below in the picture file

    Hope this works well for those who have interest in such kind of nasty stuff ;)

    Can we create shortcuts for the toolbar
    buttons to be in sync with other windows

    e.g. in most of the applications, but in excel

    Ctrl+L , Ctrl+E & Ctrl+R are used for
    Leaft, Center and Right align,

    Can this be done without VBA code?

    Hi All,

    I struggled a bit to create a hyperlink for
    a range of numeric data, to go to a
    link and use the number as a parameter.

    I was able to do it, may be this will be
    useful to some people.

    Lets say, we are creating an excel sheet with the note numbers on this site, select
    them and create a hyperlink to the respective notes on this website.

    Sub Links()
    'Hyperlink Macro
    'Creates a Hyperlink to the topic

    For Each cell In Selection
    a = ActiveCell.Text
    If IsNumeric(a) Then
    ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks.Add Anchor:=Selection, Address:= _
    "" + CStr(a)
    End If

    End Sub

    This code will do the job.
    You can now go to toolbar -&gt; customize
    and create a macro button to attach to
    this macro.

    If you need to use this in multiple sheets,
    paste the code in PERSONAL.XLS


    Why don't you use Pivot table instead.
    I believe it is always easy to use
    the existing functions for this.

    I have uploaded one file, which has
    your example.

    This will also solve one potential problem
    of yours, using "Count" or "counta"
    if the account is alpha-numeric.
    With pivot tables, it is lot easy.

    Try this, if you still want to use
    VB for some specific reasons, please
    post accordingly.

    Cheers : Yogendra : :cheers:


    You can use "Indirect" formula to
    solve your first problem.
    Then you do not need if in the formula.

    I have uploaded the file, I think i could
    understand the problem correctly.
    If not, please give an example.

    Regarding getting an alert, you can

    Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
    If ActiveCell.Column = 3 Then
    response = MsgBox("Do you want to proceed", vbOKCancel)
    If response = vbCancel Then
    ActiveCell.Offset(-1, 5).Select
    X = ActiveCell.Row
    y = "R" & CStr(X) & "C4"
    ActiveCell.Formula = y
    End If

    End If

    End Sub

    which i have already used in the excel sheet.

    Do let me know if this solves your

    You may need to alter it as per your needs
    but should be a good headstart

    Thanx : Yogendra :guitar: