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    For now it opens the site but it does not enter the word to search.
    There is no error message as such. I did not use sendkey{TAB} sendkey {%tab} because google set focus on search field when
    we open the site...
    Please advice on how to copy range("A1")value to google and hit enter.
    Thank you so much in advance.

    fyi: Excel 2007 user

    I have this code for now: but I cant sign in to out site:
    I am getting error on the blue line. Thanks for helping. I am wanting to use this idea for some other purpose: but for now I want to know how to log on to this site.
    If anyone can suggest or help me in any way i will really appriciate that.

    Thanks again

    Re: Set Userform ListBox1 range to lowest 30 rows

    Hi Rob, thank you for coming in to my rescue.
    When i put this code this way It is giving me runtime error 380:

    Thanks alot.
    When you're around. Please help me solve this error.
    Pls tell me where exactly do i insert this code too.

    Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
     Dim lngLastRow As Long
        lngLastRow = Range("A1").End(xlDown).Row
        ListBox1.RowSource = "'Sheet1'" & "A" & lngLastRow - 29 & ":D" & lngLastRow
    End Sub

    I also tried inserting this in standard module then it gave me runtime error 424 boject required!...

    sub try()
    Dim lngLastRow As Long
        lngLastRow = Range("A1").End(xlDown).Row
        ListBox1.RowSource = "Sheet1" & "A" & lngLastRow - 29 & ":D" & lngLastRow
    end sub

    I need a code that will run from book1 but copy info from book2.sheet1 if
    2 critirias are met.
    Critiria one = "Word1", This will located in col F so if word1 matches the word in col F then
    sesize 3 and copy to book1.sheet1 "B".rows.count).end(xlup).offset(1)

    Critiria 2 = book1.sheet1.range("R2").value
    Data range to copy is from is book2, sheet1, row1 to row 1200 in sheet1.book1

    book2 path = "D:\Macro Folder/Excel"

    Critiria 2 = book1.sheet1.range("R2").value...
    this should be = book2, sheet1, col N

    in a row in book2, sheet1,
    If N col value = book1.sheet1 r2.value and
    If F col value = "Word1" then
    copy by resize(,3)

    I dont why but my code prob for a password even though I have mentioned my password.
    Please help. I want the code to open the workbook and update the info and then save & close it.

    Thanks in advance and aniticipating help :)

    My try code below!
    I have another workbook called book2 where i have this code entered. thank you.

    Below is my current code, please add more condition that is IF to it, or what should be the right command for this
    I am not sure.
    Suppose If ComboBox1.Value = "Kate" Then
    Suppose If ComboBox1.Value = "Kate" Then

    Thanks for helping

    sub try1()
    If ComboBox1.Value = "Dan" Then
    End If
    End sub

    Re: Enable Right Click in ActiveX Textbox

    I dont know bout excel 2010, but in 2007, if I have activeX textbox in my excel, i am not allowed to mouse right click on that. I can write, paste...but not right click on it. and I have someone already helped me on this with the macro thing.

    But thanks anyways.

    I want to use macro to close this wordfile
    I have a code

    Private Sub Document_Close()
        If vbNo = MsgBox("Are you sure you want to close this file?", vbYesNo + vbQuestion, "Close " & Me.Name) Then
            Me.Saved = False
        End If
    End Sub

    which pop ups with msgbox, I want to use this function to close and not the normal closing button.

    Is that is possible please help.

    Thanks alot!