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    Something I played around with years and years ago - kind of got it working, sorry I can not locate the xls I have all the testing in


    This gets a little complicated, the send keys here

    SendKeys ("%n"), True

    Use to close Adobe, or minimize (something like that), not sure why this code causes a bleep sound

    Can you double check this is correct


    Try this code and see if it behaves, if so the find is big criteria, generally I hit one unique word

    Try find subsidies only


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    You need to untick the checkbox at the end of its use line 19 is the check and code is to line 26

    So many add a forced change statement to change the checkbox value = FALSE

    UserForm1.CheckBox1.Value = False

    This code you can play and test before adding to your work, test on a separate spreadsheet first

    If UserForm1.CheckBox1.Value = True Then
           MsgBox "Checked", , "Jack in the UK"
           MsgBox " UnChecked", , "Jack in the UK"
        End If
    UserForm1.CheckBox1.Value = False


    This should cover what you want, again test in a copy of your work or a new spreadsheet just in case

    This gives the best of 'all' worrlds. Not the greatest code but should be robust and work ok


    This sould more or less do what you want, maybe test on a copy of your work forst and add this code to the UserForm module code, add a command button1

    Close ‘only’ the VBA Editor and re-open it using Alt + F11 Key
    See if the issues is correct or not.

    If this issue persists:
    Save the Workbook
    Close the Workbook
    Re-open open the workbook
    Check in the VBA Editor if things are corrected or not

    Maybe a workbook re-name failed and not updated in VBA Editor

    If the issues also persists:
    Make a copy of the data of that sheet and paste on a new sheet. This will be same for any codes, remember to copy to the same places

    Re-name that problematic sheet as …. OLD and rename the new sheet as old one was


    If you use this code to a Command Button, things should work

    Private Sub CommandButton1_DblClick(ByVal Cancel As MSForms.ReturnBoolean)
        msgbox "Jack your double clicked Command Button 1"
    End Sub

    Now if you want to derail single click of Command Button, just don’t have any code assigned to single click and nothing will happen or for better coding try

    Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
        ‘// jiuk – do nothing
    Exit sub
    End Sub


    These sorts of codes are great as backups, were all guilty on not saving enough

    This is save the active workbook, assumes already named and saved, and really only replaces using CTRL+S keys pressed together on the keyboard

    Admitted there are in this code as is common parameters to that save, thou again that exposes rick

    Learn to use CTRL+S always and as you work, no matter what safety measures you have in place

    Just a point, nothing more


    Just found that if you insert

    On Error Resume Next 

    in the code for each of the UDFs I think it fixes the problem if same values are found.

    option explicit is not set as noted in the code - could cause an issue or two as things not declared fully/correctly

    Make sure you correctly turn on error back 'on', what that code does is ignore errors


    A little bit fuller code, sorry Jack had to write this one up for you


    If you add this code into a standard VBA module and run things will work as you want, this is not part of the spreadsheet attached

    Add a command button, copy the code to a module, attach the code macro to the command button and save

    Run the code. If you stuck on any part of this, please have try and post back for assistance, be happy to help

    Jack has added a message box to show the output as you require

    If you want to have text boxes and run the codes once input your need trigger and a far bit of validation codes - maybe the best approach is to have a second form and rebuild from there step by step, the code works so it is useable, thou will need re-jigging quite a bit