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    Im no expert in creating word to PDF files, but i do know much is down to the PDF software, which are you using.

    Check the settings of creations, and make sure the document fits when comvertied and so on. Just check over it all.



    BTW let me know what your using, i cant promise ill know.


    Labels as such are not Excels thing, more of a Word issue. I would suggest that the data source be used in excel [ this can also be word I add] and use the labels wizard in word to take over, all the labels settings {Avery] and custom are there, its easier that way.

    But >>>

    To answer the Op you made re Excel and label, yes this can be done, I am working on a nifty template for this soon as finished ill post as an attachment on this site for all to see and VBA does the magic.

    Conclusion – Word does this in a snip



    BTW I guess with the correct syntax this calling of Words dialog box will be made, but begs the question, you still be using Word to process this??


    I hope this will help you


    Open workbooks Limited by available memory and system resources
    Worksheet size 65,536 rows by 256 columns
    Column width 255 characters
    Row height 409 points
    Page breaks 1000 horizontal and vertical
    Length of cell contents (text) 32,767 characters. Only 1,024 display in a cell; all 32,767 display in the formula bar. Sheets in a workbook Limited by available memory (default is 3 sheets)
    Colors in a workbook 56
    Cell styles in a workbook 4,000
    Named views in a workbook Limited by available memory
    Custom number formats Limited by available memory
    Names in a workbook Limited by available memory
    Windows in a workbook Limited by system resources
    Panes in a window 4
    Linked sheets Limited by available memory
    Scenarios Limited by available memory; a summary report shows only the first 251 scenarios
    Changing cells in a scenario 32
    Adjustable cells in Solver 200
    Custom functions Limited by available memory
    Zoom range 10 percent to 400 percent
    Reports Limited by available memory
    Sort references 3 in a single sort; unlimited when using sequential sorts
    Undo levels 16
    Fields in a data form 32
    Custom toolbars in a workbook Limited by available memory
    Custom toolbar buttons Limited by available memory

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