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    Something Jack wrote long ago on OzGrid Aug 1st 2006

    Link : printing a hidden worksheet

    Re: printing a hidden worksheet

    Does this help, copy this code to a standard VBE module and run as normal


    Hi Jorge, can Jack ask. did you check this bit in Roys post

    ''///set reference to Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications

    ''///Extensibility 5.3

    Without this reference set the code will most probably bomb and this line of code, so it is worth checking

    For Each Component In ActiveWorkbook.VBProject.VBComponents


    I need this to study other codes, not mine codes

    Thanks for the help


    Of cause and understand. That how we all learn

    If you follow what I have explained them you can map out the code and its mindMAP

    i.e. what each procedure does and if/how/what else is linked or called

    Sorry I thought that was what you were asking

    If you export, your still have to decipher the code(s), if that makes sense


    A little different, sometimes if Jack has solid values that are constants then this is a useful way


    Depends on how your code is written I guess

    If you wrote the code its good practice in larger coded work to have an index, that would answer all your questions here

    Open each model and form etc. and you will see what inside the Modules etc. and function (private/public) etc.

    If this is not your own work, that would be a little hard depending on your coding experience and what you needed/wanted

    Most VBA/Excel is self-contained so there should be no outside to inside probing via code, unless it’s an add-in of cause then that very different

    A bit of a guild, hope that explains a little for you


    HI ranjith_12 welcome to OzGrid

    You need to put a bit of effort in on these forums, Roy has added a code tags and noted that this request has been made. There is a link to the forum rules in our signs at the bottom of our posts "Forum Rules", can I ask you read through this link and add code tags to the above post before progressing. People will me more willing to help as the code looks great and is a lot easier to read in order to assist you

    Many thanks for understanding


    Would this not be easier to user Windows explore?

    Open Windows explorer

    Create the two directory’s where you want i.e. Document/dir 1 and dir 2

    Drill down the directory you want to copy from

    Sort by type i.e xls

    Select these


    Paste to Dir 1 or 2 as you wish

    Delete once copied

    Same for txt to other directory

    Seconds work and no real need for code


    Without seeing all the code, will be hard. As Roy has said the code must be linked or called to run even if that means one calling another or jumping within one procedure

    Can you
    sanitise the spreadsheet (remove data) and post so we can view the code etc. and see if any help can be given

    Also if possible flag where this are misbehaving or going not as planned

    Many thanks


    I had the same issue at work today as it happens in 2010

    I instantly said did you save as xyz_v1, v2, v3 etc. etc. and the answer was no

    I opened the spreadsheet in 2013 pro plus and bingo, re saved as 2013 version. All the seemed ok

    Opened in 2010 the new saved version and re-saved, now they version save

    Also if I use VBA as I do I export the modules, forms etc. on top, just to be safe

    I have 4 main spreadsheet, I have code in all to save with time date added every open and close, a little over kill but just to be safe, this is also true of my personal XLS

    Another trick I use is to email myself the spreadsheets from time to time, again just in case and allows me access from other locations and PCs


    Have a look here at something I wrote, to see how these things are structured

    Run Codes On Time


    Here is the code for reference

    Worth testing on a copy of your workbook first

    If the codes works, be worth looking at adding the attachments