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    Long time since I coded in Outlook or linked up outlook, my feelings here are:

    You need to pull back the object before send. Once sent, you cannot touch the email or its containers unless outside of this procedure (I do not have Outlook to test)

    Link required: olkEm

    Try this code,

    olkEm.DeleteAfterSubmit = True

    Vert tardy code untested so please check on a copy of your workbook and make sure you test to your own email account only!!
    Edit email address once tested and working correctly

    Not sure of how this code will work out, but worth a try


    Hi thanks for the reply, try at add this code


    scanned document are as such pictures not anything else, you will need a very good quality OCR application to convert to any other file format

    Going to Excel by the conversion method, will never quite look like you expect and the output will need lots of work and correction unless it is raw text in columns

    Normally the data files is converted to a picture i.e. PDF which works well


    If this is in VBA | Excel and the codes all working as you want why edit | change the code

    Jack would add a pop up box to at the end of the procedure i.e. a message box

    Also use something like this code to kind of pause the code i.e. delay the message box being seen

    Add this code above the msgbox line code and under theEND:

    Application.Wait (Now + TimeValue("0:00:03"))

    Some ideas to try - remember to test on a copy of your workbook just in case


    That’s true Raina, Dave helpped millions of people and still does!
    There is a lot Jack could give away about the Hacks Books, ideas how it came about and input from others - Dave, well (with your support I remember well) just did it, against the odds and still stands today

    Jack has loads of memory’s and history - the question should be was OzGrid to really to be named OzGrid the answer to this day is most probably do not know

    The answer is not at all – so what happened?


    Always test on copy of your workbook as changes back or undo are not always possible. Add this code to a workbook standard module and run from the VBIDE or add a button as normal

    The code basically add colour fill to 6 cells up from the active cell, you may need erro handling

    You code is out of sequence, that said the loop will not do anything you can see once it has run


    .Offset(0 + i, 0).Interior.Color = RGB(0, 0, 275 - a)

    '// Needs to be inside the loop for the cells to be filled dark blue

    Something to read that might explain a little more

    Something to play with - test on a copy workbook and add to the sheet module etc

    if 365 is possible its a bit or a round-about, thou should work out ok from them that need Excel over A.N.Other

    Depends on your organisation, many do not code so makes little difference and most don’t use heavy Excel. Be a steep learn 5000+ is a mission waiting

    Compatibility needs a keen eye! i.e. existing XLS vs libra


    Only use merged cells for titles, nothing else as are painful at best. Never use merged cells in reports or data tables as will always cause problems

    As advised user center cells align, left right text align etc etc and only in titles

    Note of warming even in titles VBA can get picky so again, highlight caution with use


    If this is a small outfit, sure why not, Libre Office, will take XLs files to a point, and there will be some process or conversions

    Codes are toast, regardless what anyone says. Much work will be required either way - so this is a big balance

    Large enterprise organisations, will never touch anything outside office for core applications i.e. 10,000 users and more its not possible, just sit and use older versions of Office 2010 or 2013 on Win 7 or 10 and alls well

    Maybe the best approach is to alpha test this once spun up as a project and have 2-5% or workforce test and see the results and impact, leaving office as a back stop

    Again or my workplace this is impossible, the largest employer in Europe and one of the larges in the world, its an impossible change


    Thanks for the reply Glen, wonderful you have your copy of Excel Hacks,

    As you get to know Excel you find you know less than you did before and develop your style which is important. As long as the task gets done and works as you want then all is good

    Hacks are great and all the tricks you can learn makes things fun and amazing when others see or you show off you latest find


    Just for fun, the very first version of Excel Hacks, I worked on with Dave, something we discussed long before Oz hit the world as Dave had brilliant readership to his newsletter and strong reader base

    before put the shelf, Dave posted a signed copy to RoyUK and myself (think it was RoyUK)

    There were a couple of named guys that added Hacks are credited for their work in the publication, I even found a place where the electronic version was downloadable, Dave was not bothered by this and said ah… let ‘em have it enjoy

    I still have the copy on my shelf, and have kept it from Day one, sadly Dave did not sign it to Jack, but the words read “that’s for all your help” signed Dave Hawley. I guess it one of many give away to launch the book and was given to a few, still a nice thought and posted from Oz to London was very kind


    Re: Camera tool don't work properly

    assuming you are not using the tool in a dynamic flavor, so its its static for now, copy past in to MSPaint - cut selection and paste back

    Hardly satisfactory agreed, that is what I do thou, the tools good and powerful gizmo

    Re: Focus the cell during spell checking using VBA

    try this old old code from me - nearlyu 10 years back


    Re: Excel 2010 issue after install windows 7

    You can use different colourrs to display the gridlines

    Display options for this worksheet

    Show gridlines must be checked
    Choose a different dark colour shade from the Gridline Colour dropdown color palette

    See if that helps