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    I have tried to follow what you have set out, but I am struggling with the development of your dependancy matrix. (I would have compiled a matrix based on nodes rather than arcs (joins not arches).

    However, assuming you have developed the matrices for the X and Y axis and you simply wish to add and multiply the matrices then Excel has this capability.

    If your matrices are square then elemental addition is easy and I suspect you have done this.

    Multiplication is achieved using MMult. The help pages are good and explain how the function works. Make sure you use cntrl+shift+enter to create the Array formula.

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    I have a directory structure that is complex. I would like to provide a single directory with a list of alphabetical shortcuts, effectively an index.

    I only have VBA programming tools, and the directory structure is to be maintained (pruned, grafted and grown) using an Excel application.

    I would therefore like to create a shortcut within a specified directory using Excel VBA. The platform could be Windows NT, 98 or XP (predominantly XP).