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    Hi .

    problem is i zoom in on selection of a cell with a data validation list to a certain percentage which is fine, then i click on a item from the list and the zoom returns to the original size.

    but when i return it has zoomed out from the cell i was in .

    now if it would select the a column as the cell to zoom back out from this would be perfect as all my sheet is visible if you are on the far left of the screen.

    i hope i have explained myself correctly , and any help would be greatfully received.

    thanks andy , but i still cant seem to do what i need .

    let me explain again.

    i need to get the current value of the zooom on the sheet then store that somewhere.

    then i need to zoom my sheet to a preset zoom figure from a figure i have chosen.

    then on sheet calculate the zoom will go back to the original zoom number which i stored earleier.

    all i need reall is the actual figure in a cell on a sheet or somewhere so i can store that number to come back to later.

    maybe i have explained myself better this time.

    or maybe what you have said can do this but i cant seem to make it do this .

    hope you can help.

    thanks for your time.

    thanks for reply andy.

    but what i need to determine is the actually zoom number when i initially get onto the sheet.

    say the sheet is set at zoom of 67 then i need i know what that number is .

    so i need to look at the sheet in some way and determine that 67 is the number the sheet has been zoomed to.

    then i can change the zoom. and the after i have finshed with what i am doing then i can put it back to 67.

    hope i have explained myself clearly.

    but thankyou andy for the reply.

    does anyone know how i can determine the zoom number of a sheet .

    as what i need to do is chage the zoom of the sheet then put it back to the zoom number it was originally.

    the original zoom could be anything that the user has determined by zooming the size to the required size. therefore could be allmost anything .

    any help would be greatfully recieved.

    i am trying to zoom the screen to make the items listed in a data validation list visable. as for size is too small to be viewed properly.

    is there away of zooming if i click on the cell with the validation list in so i can select the item i want then the zoom deactivates on my selection of that item ?

    hopefully i have explained that correctly, and anyhelp will be gratefully received.