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    Re: Vlookup needs revision

    Quote from Zpichette;678449

    I have never used either of those functions i was hoping there was a way to make this work with just a vlookup...

    H6 drag down and accross
    =IFERROR(INDEX(Sheet2!$A$2:$AA$46312,MATCH($C6,Sheet2!$F$2:$F$46312,0),MATCH(H$5,Sheet2!$A$1:$AA$1,0)),"no match")
    Copy from Sheet2 any of the header you want to rertive.
    To example Copy/Paste from Sheet2 "Part Description" into H5 Sheet1.
    [TABLE="width: 237"]





    Re: extract data from a sheet if a cell meets a criteria and paste in another sheet

    Your GL Code are 9 digits long so they will never be less/more that your criteria.