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    I am trying to add additional icons to my excel toolbar. I did it last week at work and now I can't seem to replicate the procedure.

    I have tried using the procedure outline in "Excel Hacks" for adding more levels of Undo. However, when I just simply type in the number 1, or a series of such input actions, it is only allowing me to undo 1 tim, not the 99 like is says it should be in the book. Anyone else have trouble with this procedure / process???

    Need help. From time to time I make data tables with, for example 5 variables with 5 possible subtypes for earch. For example. Growth rates being 2%, 3%, 4%, 5% or 6%. That is one of the 5 different variables. what is the best way to make a table 5 columns wide and if I'm doing the math right, 3,125 rows deep with all the possible variable combinations. I then can use this table to make flex tables without using excels awfully slow table function. I have made this type of table manually when some variables are held constant so there were only 250 - 500 rows, but it still took forever to put together. I am trying to think of a way to get a maco to populate all 3,125 rows with all the unique cominations of variables possible. :thanx:

    Also, there could be situations of more than 5 "buckets" of variables but of differing numbers of sub-buckets - say 3 growth rate possibilities and 7 Debt ratio possibilities. Anyone done something similar or have any insights into how I would code this? Thanks.