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    Re: match items by criteria

    I tried out another formula to see what would happen as it may not working using those 2 extra columns. I was able to get the formulas in row 16 to work when I start my table in the first row, but if I start the table in row 4, does any one have a suggestion on how to make that happen?

    Thanks for all of your time, help, and invaluable expertise- this is a top-notch site with never-ending support and feedback.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on the best formula to use in this scenario - I'm going to have a table set up with lots of data- starting in cell B6. There will only be one "TRUE" in front of the row that I want to populate. If it is set to TRUE I'd like row to populate whatever the row is across the row. So in the attached ex- row 2 would have BOY in cell B2, 22 in cell C2, and typist in cell D2. I'd like to do with formulas not a macro. Any ideas on best one to use? Thanks everyone!

    Re: Attached Sample - Calendar

    Thanks ALL- a tremendous help!! Of course I was one that didn't have that toolpak installed and still doesn't seem to want to accept it. On a side note, where is cell H1 defined?? I can't seem to find at all. If I wanted to change the location as cell H1 may be populated already, I'm assuming I could do.. thoughts?

    Re: Attached Sample - Calendar

    This is perfect for what I've been picturing to help on a current work process. One thing I wanted to know though is I'm going to have a list of items and dates far in advance, all the way up to 2050 or so, it doesn't seem to have a check year included- would someone be able to help me with that so it only loads those that are for 2006? Thanks for your help!

    Re: look-up to a table selecting multiple results

    Thanks for the quick replies. I'm not sure on if these will work, for that first posting - I won't be able to change the list- I need all of the values in the same row, preferrably the same cell, as I won't be able to remove the values in A2 or A3. On that second option, I may be doing something wrong as I'm getting a NAME? response. I put that code in VB and tried the cntrl-shift-F2, but doesn't seem to be liking something.. thanks again.

    Hi All - Question for anyone that may be able to answer on a formula. I tried to simplify in the attached. Basically I would like to do a look-up in a table which will be saved in a separate sheet, but for the time being kept in the main tab. If for example, a food group was sold at multiple locations, I'd like to know all of the instances where the food group is sold in just one column B. So the end result I'd like to see for this example in cell B2, "Sold at Pick-n-Save", in cell B3, "Sold at Pick-n-Save, Kohls, Sentry", in cell B4, "Sold at Roundy's, Sentry". Is this possible? I'm assuming so as excel seems so powerful and the users on this site are incredibly talented. Thanks in advance!!

    Re: Macro copy and paste in next blank cell

    There was no response to this one, but this is exactly what I need to do as well. I need to combine two different tabs into one. I have a tab copying over to a sheet columns A-K or something like that, and then I have another tab that copies over, but I want to find the next blank row in column A to paste to. Is there a way to just select the next row down after the first initial paste with Active Cell Offset? and then select the other tab, copy what I need to, select the sheet to paste to and paste? Thank you very much for any insight you could provide!!

    Re: applying formatting

    Hi Maqbool, I appreciate the response! The end result is exactly what I was looking for. I'm curiuos though if there is a way to achieve without using conditional formatting - this type of formatting is going to be applied to several different worksheets and it may be difficult to set up the conditional formats prior to running. Also sometimes there could be any number of different columns on the spreadsheet (I'm not sure if this would matter), let me know whatcha thinking! Thanks much!!!

    Hola! This may be a basic one, but is there a quick and easy way if you have a set of data that has subtotals applied to it to apply a color/border to only those that have the "totals" to it? If I have only the Total lines showing on my screen and highlight all of them and apply the color/border it will apply the same formatting to all of the rows in between as well. I know how to individually select each row by selecting one row and using the control, but figured there was a better way..does anyone know off hand? Muchos gracias!!

    I am starting out with form controls and in need of help. What I am trying to do is I have a list of data 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.. And I've created a combo box where I have selected the range of data for the Input range and created a cell link, but what I don't understand is that the range of values contains multiple 1's and multiple 2's and it creates a drop down for each value?? Is it possible to create a unique list? I do not understand how to create an input to equal all of the data? Am I using the combo box when I should be using a list box? Thanks for any assistance you can provide!!!

    Could be fairly simple.. but trying to add an existing option to a drop down combo box that had already been created. For some reason I can not right click to select the box? does anyone know why? is there a way to add to this.. or do I need to recreate? thanks.