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    I don't think that code that errors is mine. It looks like you are working with a Table so you don't need to be using any code to find the row to post to.

    Where's the original question? Does it have an example workbook?

    Also, if your workbook is so big it might be a problem. What is the actual size of it?

    It's poor workbook design to have data separated on different sheets.

    Your code will only work on the ActiveSheet and on the specified range, if a Table already exists there you will get that error message.

    You need to loop through the sheets check if a Table exists and create the Table if not.

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    Try this

    Add the date into a cell comment like this

    Sub DateModified()
        On Error Resume Next
        With ActiveCell
            On Error GoTo 0
            .Comment.Text Text:="Modified on: " & Format(Date, "long date")
            .Comment.Visible = False
        End With
    End Sub

    If you want it to be automatic then you could use a worksheet event

    If you aren't sure how to use event code then read this

    Where to put the code

    You need to check if the sheet name exists before running the code.

    Why would you want to copy the activesheet, it might not be the correct one? I would have hidden template sheet to copy.

    Don't use an error handler until you know the code is working correctly.

    Your error handler is all wrong and will run whether an error occurs or not.