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    Is there any way to select things like tools - options across all worksheets in a workbook? I often want to suppress display of zeroes in an entire workbook, but so far the only way I've found to do this is to go to eash worksheet in turn and go thru the procedure on each one. Thanks for any help you can give.

    Is it possible to revise the standard options in the copy/paste command sequence? I almost never want to copy the borders in a particular area that is being copied, but to eliminate this it is necessary to go into the "Paste Special" routine and check the "all except borders" box. This adds at least two extra keystrokes to each copy/paste sequence, which add up over several hours.

    Thanks for whatever help anyone can come up with. Even a statement "You're stuck with it, buster." would help as I could quit searching for a way to do this.

    I've got a spread sheet where it is desirable to format a cell content (a number) with one decimal place if another cell in the same row contains the word "CuFt", and with no decimal places if that same cell reads "Gallons". I'm sure there is a way to do this, but so far I haven't find it in Conditional Formating. Any advice would be much appreciated as it is so inelegant to go plowing thru the spreadsheet and do the formatting manually!

    Re: Unhiding Rows

    I think I've found at least part of the problem. The workbook sheet in question has been sorted, and then the filter feature that removes duplicate entries has been invoked. It looks like this sort of screws up the row numbering, and prevents any unhiding after the rows have been hidden. Will have to do a bit of thinking on how to get around this. Anyway, thanks for the help that has been posted.....

    Re: Unhiding Rows

    No, there is no code. There are quite a few formulae (IF, etc.), but basically the workbook represents a very basic use of Excel. Nothing at all fancy.

    Re: Unhiding Rows

    OK, I did that (holding the shift key while selecting), and it made no difference. Any hidden row on this particular woorksheet remains stubbornly hidden.

    I have a worksheet that will not allow the unhiding of any rows. A row can be hidden OK, and the row counters will show the correct row numbers, ie., 105, 106, 108, 109, etc., with 107 being the hidden row. However, subsequently selecting rows 106 and 108 and clicking "unhide" will not result in row 107 appearing on the sheet, and nothing I can do will make it reappear. Am I doing anything stupid (not an unlikely event, unfortunately)?

    Any help would be much appreciated as this is causing a real problem.

    Re: border line weights

    Thanks for your reply. I have gone to the Format-cells-borders routine, and have been able to pick black lines of full intensity. However, after going back to the spreadsheet and attempting to draw a border, the only options that are given in the "Draw Border" screen are still only in reduced intensity. In other words, there seems to be no connection between the "Format" icon in the Standard Toolbar and the "Draw Borders" icon in the Formatting Toolbar. This only seems to occur in a few spreadsheets - many of them don't have this problem. I just can't find the trigger that makes Excel behave in all cases.

    Having a little trouble with the line weights used for borders. Using Excel 2003, the program sometimes decides arbitrarily (at least it seems so), that it will use only reduced intensity line weights for the borders around cells. I have not been able to find a way to go back to full line weight intensity. Some of my woorkbooks don't have this problem, but occasionally one of these seems to change on its own to a reduced intensity line weight, and insists on staying there. I've looked thru all the help on line weights and borders, without any luck. Any help on this would be much appreciated as it's FRUSTRATING me!

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    Thanks Dave :)

    trygolyte, no reason for apologize - we have all been there ;)

    Let us know the outcome of it.

    Tried the "detect and repair" function, but the problem is still there. Probably the easiest thing will be to uninstall and reinstall Excel. That should fix it!

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    trygolyte, you can get rid of the hiding of Menu items annoyance via View>Toolbars-Customize and on the Options page check: Always show full menu

    Thanks - I'll do that. Partial menues are an annoyance!

    Thanks for you almost instant response! Unfortunately I ran into a snag - my Excel help function does not have the "detect and repair" option; it only takes me into the 'help' library, with no specific actions listed. The library does contain a reference to the "detect and repair" function, but gives no useful information on how this can be invoked.

    I'm a new Excel user, with a rather weird problem that just started yesterday after several weeks of problem-free usage.

    Excel works perfectly while operating on a workbook. The problem arises when I try to exit Excel. On trying to shutdown the program (by clicking on the little "X" icon at the upper right of the screen), the current workbook file will be closed properly. However, Excel will remain on the desktop - with no further methods of closing it being available. It can't even be minimized. The only way that I have found to get out of the program is to CTRL-ALT-DELETE to get into Windows Task Manager where Excel will be shown as a running process; it's necessary to manually shut it down from there.

    This is not a show-stopper, but appears to be an indication that something is not right within the program. Any advice would be much appreciated.