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    Greetings Formula Wizards. I need to Merge these 2 Formulas into 1 Formula. Any suggestions?



    Formulas are not my forte :)

    Thank you in advance for any assistance my friends.

    Re: Asking for help with text box?

    This should do what you want.

    Enable Macro's..then click the Command Button on the main sheet. Enter in a UPC code and a QTY. Then click Enter.

    -Cheers :)

    Code for Userform...Just in case anyone is curious.

    Dim nextrow As Long
    nextrow = Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row + 1
    With Range("A" & nextrow)
       .Value = Me.TextBox1.Value 'UPC Textbox
       .Offset(0, 1).Value = Me.TextBox2.Value 'Qty Textbox
     End With

    Re: Return Cell Address Of Listbox Object

    Thanks Mick for all of your help. I was able to find a work around using a 3rd Listbox. I used a Search feature along with the.Column Property. I wasn't able to post the book or a sample from it due to it being classified. But with your code I was able to make it work. So cheers to you good sir!

    Re: Return Cell Address Of Listbox Object

    Right, Thats very nice. I may have omitted some very important details "sleep deprived".

    1. I have a Macro that populates the Listboxes with data from 7 Ranges. "This Works Great"
    2. I use a Command Button to trigger the change.
    3. I also have a Code that Automatically removes data from the listbox, so the Code would need to keep that in mind.

    Thanks again Mick..Listboxes are NOT my thing at all :)

    Re: Return Cell Address Of Listbox Object

    Thanks guys for all the help...

    This is what I need if you can help tweak it?

    1. It does return the correct address of Uniuqe values, but goes to the very last Address of duplicates.

    2. How can I make it send the Value of Listbox2 to the Address found in Listbox1?

    Thanks a heap :)

    Re: Running a macro when double clicking a cell in another sheet

    To run a Macro when a cell is double clicked you can do the following....

    Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick(ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As Boolean)
     If Not Intersect(Target, Range("C8")) Is Nothing Then 'Change The Range Here As Needed
      Call SomeSub 'Your Sub Name Here
     End If
    End Sub

    Greetings fellow guru's :)

    I have a listbox with many entries. I need to be able to retrieve the Cell Address for any given listbox entry. Lets say my listbox has 1 Column of data. And its data is pulled from Range("A1:A3"). Like so...

    1 Dog
    2 Cat
    3 Rat

    I would like to be able to click Cat in the Listbox and have $A$2 stored as the range to be selected.

    The Range will be used in a re-population Macro for a very large workbook. Imagine a revers lookup feature and that's the idea.

    Thanks again for any insight.

    Re: Remove Row In Listbox Based On Criteria

    I was told it was possible to loop through the Listbox Objects. If the Object can be selected shouldn't a String be able to be assigned?

    Here is an example...

    Lets say the very top row of data in the list box is..

    Column1 Column2 Column3
    0001 Dog P

    I would like to Automatically remove that row because Column3 has the letter P in it. I don't want to have to select it manually for each row. The Data within the sheet must remain intact also. Plus the data in Listbox1 is then sent to Listbox2.

    I hope this helps clear things up.

    Thanks for any insight,.


    I have a UserForm with a Listbox that contains up to 100 entries. It is 3 Columns of data wide. I need a loop that will search each row in column 3 for the letter "P" if found remove the row from the Listbox. Thanks for any help. Listboxes are not one of my strong points :)


    Re: Find and clear cell values that equal the active cell value in range

    Something like this? I tested it according to your explanation. You will insert a name into a cell via the Userform, then run the code on the Selected cell and remove any matching names.

    Re: invoke Worksheet_Change when the sheet is protected...

    Something like this perhaps?