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    Thanks for looking guys

    I have a sheet with 10 columns and 1500 rows. what i am looking to do is a conditional format that only flags if 2 sets of duplicates exsist.

    For example A1 has 1 And B1 has 11
    Then A2 has 1 and B2 has 22. I dont want A1 And A2 to flag as a duplicate because B1 and B2 are different. Basiclly only flag if those two cells in a row match numbers throughout the sheet.

    Thanks in advance for your help

    Re: Can Inputbox display a partly dynamic message based on Columns?

    Take this for a spin.

    I am learning listboxes today :) My code below populates a listbox from a searched range. Everything works fine but i would like to know how to make this code display 10 columns instead of 2. Thanks for your time.

    the column count function doesnt work.

    Re: Change font color based on cell value

    Take a look at the link YuraYong provided. I believe that will be your best shot. The code i provided was a recording of setting a conditional format. HTH

    Is your data on a worksheet or a userform?

    My workbook will need e-mailed. I have 3 userforms. UF3 searches a range. UF8 i want to display the search. UF7 i want to populate from search if edit button is pressed on UF8 and resubmit the data back to the sheet. Shouldnt be to hard. Its just way out of my scope. Im pretty happy with having multiple Userforms if its doable. Looking forward to getting this solved,Thanks Guys

    Re: Populate Userform From A Listbox

    Thanks for the pointers Rob, i didnt mean to come off like i wanted someone to do it for me. I apologize for that. I was just seeing how others would have gone about it. Like you just did :) Thanks again

    Re: Populate Userform From A Listbox

    That would be ok, but how would i program that? I would still need the listbox to display all the results, then when i pressed edit the boxes would be populated.then edit/resubmit the data to thier oridginal cells. Sorry if im asking alot.

    Re: Writing an "IF" formula change text color

    This should get you started. Place it in the worksheet modual.

    Its a conditional format macro. Im new to VBA also and just thought i would try and help. :smile:

    I have searched all day for something close and havent turned up anything my retarded self could use.
    I have 2 userforms. Userform 1 submits data to a sheet. Userform 2 displays all data on the sheet in a listbox. So far everything works as it should. What i would like to do is have a 3rd userform that userform 2 "With the listbox" can update to for editing. My 3rd userform will be identical to the first. So i would like to send data from the listbox to the userform/get edited and then resubited to the sheet.Any clue on how to accomplish this? Thanks in advance.......You Guys Rock!!!