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    Re: Looking for some guidance on how to count entries in cells

    Ok here is the problem. Im not aware of a formula that will look at multiple sets of values with different criteria. The form needs to be broken down a little. For example : 1 line should contain 2 cells 1 for Doctor Name and 1 AM/PM ect. Without this being done im not sure i can help. But be patient there are tons of experts on here.

    Not sure what i should have named the title. Sorry in advance

    i have a sheet with 3 columbs. A,B,C. Columb A is a number And so is Columb B. I have a userform that enters the numbers to the sheet automaticlly. Here is what i need. Colum A is a minimun quantity and Columb B is an actual quanity on hand. I need a code that will check the userform Boxs for Min And Actual quanitys and prepare a formula for every entry and than place the formula in columb c for every entry.

    Example 1

    Userform Box Min has 2 in it. And Userform Box Actual has 1 in it. I want Columb C to show "Order" But if the Actual is higher than the Min then show "In Stock". But because the differance in the numbers will depend on the 2 entry boxes the code eludes me.

    I would rather this be done in vba so others cant mess with formulas.
    I have it working without vba but i dont like it.
    Thanks guys

    If this isnt clear please let me know.

    Re: Match and subtotal multiple columbs of data by name

    Thank you so much this works exactly the way i needed it to. I still new to excel and i tried a vlookup and hlookup with no luck. I will look more into arrays. thanks again. have a great day!

    Re: Count And Save Command Button Clicks To A Cell

    Nevermind guys i got it sorted, in case anyone else has the same problem i did here is my code.

    Dim x As Integer
    x = Worksheets("Sheet Name Here").Range("Cell Here")
    Worksheets("Same Sheet Name here").Range("Same Cell Here").Value = x + 1

    Place this in the command button click event and where you place the range is where the counter will go. Every time the command button is pressed the counter goes up by 1.

    Hey guys,

    I have a form with 2 Text fields. Box 1 is a combobox with names. Box 2 is a textbox that a number goes in. I need a way to count how many times the command button is clicked for each name in my combobox then submit the number into a predetermend cell.


    If my combobox has John in it and has 25 in the textbox, after i hit submit the counter should show john 25 1

    and so on for each name.

    I have already created and programmed the table. I just need to add a click counter for each name.

    Thanks in advance.

    The only other thread i found on this topic wasnt what i needed.

    Re: VBA MACRO FIND Selection

    The below code will show all instances of your search word and display them in a message box. Adjust the ranges as needed. credit for the code goes to SMC. You can run this with a simple command button. :)

    Hope this helps.

    Re: Continue loop code until all occurrences of search term are found

    Ok i see what its doing SMC.
    Its freezing only if there is 1 match.
    If i put in "Water" it will return all that contain water.
    But if i search for a key word that there is only 1 of it goes into endless loop. What i mean by that can press the ok button 1,000 times and the same msgbox keeps pooping up endlessly with out the option to close.