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    Re: Continue loop code until all occurrences of search term are found

    Thank you very much SMC. If i can trouble you for 1 more fix i will leave you alone :) . When it returns the findings it puts everything in 1 big msgbox. Is there a way to show them individually? or am i SOL? Also how do i set the range for the columb start (e.g... My data starts at E7 and ends at E1500. E:E searches my heading and other used cells. Thanks again.

    Re: Conditionally sum values at each interval of change in other cell

    rbrhodes is correct. Kant, what you will need to do is place =SUMIF(B1:B7,"awake",A1:A7) under your data and then place =SUMIF(B1:B7,"sleepin",A1:A7) under the first code. These formulas only return the totals of "sleepin" and "awake". You can also add =sum(A1:A7) in there to tally your grand total. Hope this helps.

    I have a search code that searches 1 columb at a time. When it finds the word i type it displays the results in a msgbox. That code works great but it stops running after it finds the first instance of the word. For example if i want to find "Oil filter" and there are more than one row with oil as the first word it stops when it finds oil. Can someone help me with a loop or whatever is needed to keep going until the end. Thanks guys. also i am a noob to vba so please be gentle. And thank you to SMC for writing this code.

    Thanks in advance for your help

    Re: Search Box Via Inputbox that returns findings via msgbox

    I got it sorted with your code SMC. I used four instances of your code and defined each for specific searches i.e...A:A -1 to 7 would search for and return all cells including what i searched for. I did this for the four search criteria i needed. Thanks a million SMC you truley are a master of your craft. God Bless.:music:

    Re: Search Box Via Inputbox that returns findings via msgbox

    Hey SMC, yes i would like to return all the cells in the corresponding row. I have a worksheet with 7 columbs and 1500 rows. My goal is to search for " invoice #" or " PO # " and have the msgbox display these with the other 6 factors of the matching row.

    Re: Search Box Via Inputbox that returns findings via msgbox

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. However the help files are even a tad complicated. All i need is a an Inputbox that you put the key word in, then when it finds the keyword it displays the entire row contents in a msgbox. Please help

    Hey yall,

    I need help programming an inputbox that will search a range and return the findings in a msgbox. Im new to vba so please talk to me like an infant :) . I would like to launch the input box with a button. If match is found then fire a msgbox displaying the row contents of the match. If no match found then msgbox No Match. Sorry if im asking alot, im new so be gentle.