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    Re: Error 424 Object required

    Good day my friends,

    I have a rather interesting problem I have not been able to sort. I have a line of code that extracts the last two digits of a certain cell and places them in the cell next to it. However, if the last two digits are Zeros it only returns the first whole number in the cell.

    This is what I have...

    Sheet1.Range("H21").Value = "0." & Right(Cells(21, 11), 2)

    If my cells value is 6.00 it returns 0.60 now matter how I change the format or the VBA code.

    In order for everything else to work... the "0." in my code must remain as it is part of a Vlookup.

    Thanks for any advice.


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    Re: auto filter automatically based on two cell values

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    Re: auto filter automatically based on two cell values

    Re: Move to cell in predefined area based on random number.

    Thanks for the reply. I appreciate your efforts. Is it possible to predefine a named range for this and make it loop. Lets say the named range is Circle. It consists of a grid 2 x 2 cells. A1 B1 A2 B2. A1 is the start if a 1 is rolled it moves to B2. If next a 2 is rolled it moves to A2. It moved down and back over. Then lets say a 3 is rolled, it would then end up at B2. Making a complete circle and staying inside the named range.

    I hope that helps clear it it a bit.

    Thanks in advance for any insight to this problem.

    What I would like to do is move from the Activecell to a cell defined by a random number. Picture a Square board game. 10 cells wide 10 cells deep. What should happen is as follows.
    Lets say you start in A1 and the random number is 5. The new Active cell should now be E1. But if you start in A1 and an 11 is pulled then you should end up in J2. Then eventually working around in a complete circle back to A1 and so on.

    See photo for an example. Only the red cells should be able to be selected. Although the red is just to show what i mean and will not be in the game. [ATTACH=CONFIG]49807[/ATTACH]

    Thanks again.