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    I was afraid of that, I know nothing about macros, and would like to be able to change a name in column a, without having to do a replace all "Davis" with "Jones". Anyone else have any ideas on how I can do this, or is willing to help me learn macros enough to make this happen?



    I'd like to write a formula that will give a given result, if a name from one column is within a given array. I can get it to work with an if formula and vlookup, but I have to lookup each individual name.

    For example, if either smith, johnson, or davis are within a column of names, then I would like a value from the second column associated with the name to appear in another cell. As it stands, I have to do a search for smith, then johnson, then davis.

    Also, I'd like it to be heirarchal, in that even if johnson is in the list [regardless of if he's first or not], and davis is in it, also, that davis' value will show up.

    Thanks for all your help.


    I added a sample .xls - I would like to search column d for any name in array a2:b4, and then put the number from the second column into f2.