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    Hiya! Been a bit since I posted, but I am sitting in and Excel Training class and the question came up wondering if there is a way to change text to all upper case without having to re-type it all. We are not versed at all in VBA and I was wondering if your minds could come up with a somewhat simple way to do so. I appreciate all your help!


    I will see about getting a sample uploaded for you, unfortunately it is very large and I have to do some cutting and pasting to a sample document, plus there is some information (names, case numbers and license numbers) that I will need to clear out.

    The three workbooks I am concerned with are

    Main (with one worksheet in it)
    Monthly (with 13 worksheets in it 1 for each month and one more)
    Clerk (with 4 worksheets, one for each 3 clerks and one more)

    I am looking for something that when there is data entered in column P on main, it automatically copies that row over to a certain page in clerk.

    Also, when a date is entered anywhere in main (any column) it automatically copies that row into a certain page in monthly.

    I will work on getting a sample uploaded for you.

    Thanks again.

    Liz :?

    Hello again,

    I am working on a project that has 5 workbooks that all pertain to the same project. I have a workbook that is the masterlist containing all of the data. My other workbooks are smaller books of the same information, one that breaks the information down by month and one that breaks down by certain alphabetic assignment to 3 people. The master list contains names, case numbers, and dates of documents, as well as a variety of other information (I have 29 columns in all).

    What I would like to know is if there is a way that when I input data lets say the date of 10-6-04 into a cell, could it recognize the date and automatically copy the whole row onto another of my worksheets? This would speed up my time dedicated to this project ten-fold.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

    Liz :silverha:

    Okay, now that I know that I can get it to work right, is there anyway to have this run on all worksheets in a workbook, i have one workbook with 12 worksheets in it, plus 3 other workbooks (each with one or two worksheets).


    I just wanted to add, a co-worker ran an error function and found out that it will not work because it is a text column not number or general, but I have changed it over and over again to general or number and it wont work. I dont know, but the =COUNTA formula is working beautifully. Thanks again.


    Thank you Fifijazz, yes, this problem is very irritating, I have a few other people here in the office working on it, but they are all stumped as well. I am just not looking forward to retyping this column. It is only "1", but like I said, it is at 3000 and counting right now. Also, I have My main workbook, then a yearly workbook with each month having its own worksheet, and this problem is consistent throughout all the worksheets, which is why I am assuming it is a formatting problem.

    Thanks again, I do appreciate it.

    Hello, this is my first time posting. I have never been "formally" tought how to use Excel, except a beginner course, and have virtually NO experience in VBA. From reading this forum, I have gotten some basics though. I have mastered the basics of Excel by the process of "trial by fire" and found myself stuck.

    I was assigned a project here at work where I had to create (from scratch) and maintain a system to track a process. I have my main workbook that is 3000 rows and that grows by about 100 each week. I had a column ( 1 of 29) that began as a text column, but I was given directive to create a column that would keep track of wheter a document was sent to a certain office or not. I have been doing this by simply using a numeric column, and in the row that needed it, I entered "1". Then, at the bottom of that column I have a cell that has the basic formula to add all the cells in that column together. This has worked in 14 other columns. This one however does not want to run the formula, I have to go back and retype each "1" to get it to add (my formula being =sum(d2:d2988) ). This would be fine, but when ever I add the new rows for the week, I have to reformat and retype each and every cell in that column.

    Any advice on why Excel is not accepting the change from text to number? I have already tried making sure the page/column/cell is not protected, I have even tried deleting and recreating that column, but nothing seems to work. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

    Also, this one may have been asked before, but I was not able to find it in the first 10 pages of threads, I have a sheet that takes the number from my monthly stats and combines them onto one sheet for monthly/quarterly/yearly. It looks very confusing with all the "0" from the cells that are yet to be filled in by data due to it not being that month yet. How do I make a cell show blank instead of the "0" when a formula is already entered there?

    Liz :thanx: