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    Re: ListBox 2 column additem

    Wow, well it took a while but thank you for the reply, needless to say that I now can’t remember why I wanted this, but I have noted your reply for future use.

    And it is good to reply as you say for people searching, I know I have found answers in many old threads.

    Once again thank you

    Regards, Dave

    Re: Save the entire sheet as UTF8

    Quote from schnide;560424

    I've now tidied up and simplified from the original code I adapted. Please see below:

    I have performed a hash check on a file that I would convert using Notepad and a file I converted using this method. For reference, I used this method in Excel 2007. The hashes are exactly the same. I hope this helps someone!

    I want to save the contents of a sheet as a text file but with UTF8 coding, this thread is titled what I am looking for but the code is looking to convert a file.

    how do I use this script to export a sheet as UTF8?

    Re Dave


    This code works

    ActiveSheet.Shapes.Range(Array("Shape_1", "Shape_2")).Select

    This code does not work

    arname = "Shape_1" & Chr(34) & ", " & Chr(34) & "Shape 2"

    What I wany to achieve is I am going through a number of shapes on a worksheet, some are visible some are not.

    I want to only select the visible shapes so I can then cut and paste them to a new sheet.

    why does the 2nd code not work or Is there a better way




    I have used Stephens code to copy an picture from a worksheet onto the clipboard and have placed in a user form (works very well)

    I now want to place that image on to another sheet but in a specified cell and maybe change its size.

    Any pointers would be useful. Needs to work in Excel 97



    Re: Rotate Picture

    Yes my PC is Excel XP but I am helping a friend who only has Excel 97.

    I did edit the pictue name.

    I assume its an Excel 97 limitation.

    Many thanks

    Re Dave

    Re: Rotate Picture

    Hi Jack

    Tried this but will not rotate,

    I do not get an error and the picture is being selected

    Is it Excel 97 as in Excel XP you get an option to rotate in properties.

    I have a Picture called "Picture 1" on a worksheet.

    In Excel 97 can I rotate this in a macro in VBA

    If you select the Format Picture option the Rotation part is greyed out

    Re Dave

    Re: ListBox 2 column additem

    Weasel, thanks for the quick reply

    Is this then correct for putting A in col 1 & B in col 2 and produce a list with 10 lines

    Regards Dave

    Re: Display picture inserted in workbook to userform

    Hi Andy

    Have not tried it as I did not fully understands Stephen's code. I always like to understand what is happening.

    The Me.Paste function could well do the trick from me as if you embed a Picture on a worksheet using the control toolbox, when you select a file name to point to a image that image is then embeded in the workbook, unlike using a picture on a user form where is loads that picture every time.

    Hope that makes sense.

    Re Dave

    Re: Display picture inserted in workbook to userform

    No problem with the code prompt Jack,

    I am progressing using the following:-

    Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() 
        Worksheets("Sheet 1").Image1.Copy 
    End Sub

    This allows me to paste in a specific place.

    Now all I need to do is find out how to get an image from a sheet rather then a control box picture

    Any idea's welcome

    Re Dave

    Re: Display picture inserted in workbook to userform

    Andy that works great

    Now is there any way of pointing my Image2.Picture to an EMBED("Forms.Image.1","") on a sheet

    This is where you add an image to a worksheet using the Control Tool Box.

    My aim is that I have a number of images on a sheet of which one will appear on a userform in VBA depending on a variable.

    Re Dave

    I have 3 pictures that I have inserted on my sheet, I will be inserting more.

    These pictures have named themselves Picture 1, 2 & 3.

    How can I manually rename these images.

    Regards, Dave