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    If you want to lable the data series with names in different rows or columns, You may need a bit of VBA. Else, You can get the required data from data-labels.


    I use the following code to copy each chart onto each slide on a blank Power Point Presentation. I hope you can make the changes to meet your requirements. Note that the charts in Power Point are NOT linked to the charts in Excel. For that we require to develop new logic and code.

    Dim oppt As New PowerPoint.Application
    Dim pptpres As Presentation
    Dim pptslide As Slide
    Dim ch As Chart
    Dim wkb As Workbook
    Dim strtempwkb As String

    'build a temporary workbook

    this_path = ActiveWorkbook.Path
    strtempwkb = this_path + "\" + "tempwkb.xls"

    'create a new presentation
    oppt.Visible = msoTrue

    Set pptpres = oppt.Presentations.Add
    With pptpres.Slides

    lheight = pptpres.PageSetup.SlideHeight

    lwidth = pptpres.PageSetup.SlideWidth

    'place each chart on slide
    For Each ch In ActiveWorkbook.Charts

    'copy the chart to a new workbook
    Set wkb = ActiveWorkbook

    wkb.SaveAs strtempwkb

    Set pptslide = .Add(.Count + 1, ppLayoutBlank)
    pptslide.Shapes.AddOLEObject Left:=(lwidth ), Top:=(lheight ), Width:=(lwidth ), Height:=(lheight), Filename:=strtempwkb, link:=msoFalse

    'close temp workbook and delete it
    wkb.Close savechanges:=msoFalse
    Kill strtempwkb
    Next ch

    Try the option of recording a macro when you make a chart. It gives you a idea about your grid lines, plot area and all other concepts about charts. And if you still face any difficulty, so let us know.

    I learnt a lot this way.



    Thanks for your reply.

    I did take a look at your link.

    And instead of that, I used the "mail merge" concept in outlook. This works for me.

    But I want to remove the message box whenever I send a mail. And I would like to have a read receipt for each mail. Presently I am not abel to.

    Can you help.

    All information I have obtained is by typing "sending bulk mail " in outlook help.


    This is probably experts in here can answer.

    We generally communicate through our employees in bulk i.e., all staff mail. Instead of that, what we are looking for is a way to program MS outlook, such that for all the names in To: Cc: or Bcc: it sends individual mails with their names extracted from the name list and then send it to the listed name.

    For e.g.,

    In your To: You have names, A, B, C etc.

    In the message body, you type




    Now, when we press send, Outlook needs to be programmed in such a way it sends individual mails to A, or B, or C, by extracting the name from the To: and pasting it after Dear:

    In the above case, Outlook should send 3 mails to person A, B, C.

    Person A will receive a message as

    Dear A

    Person B will receive a message as

    Dear B

    And so on.

    I hope you can solve this dilemma of ours.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    Ram P

    When you paste the Excel Table in Word,

    Use the Paste Special Option, Check Paste Link and choose Worksheet Object.

    Now whenever your data gets updated in your Excel file, this gets reflected in your Word doc.



    I am interested to know the answer for your question "Who owns the fish". I did it manually and I wanted to tally with the correct answer. Would you be kind enough to supply the correct answer for this question.



    Check it low.

    Caution: Keep the security levels to medium, such that untrusted macros do not run on your machine and hijack it.

    If you know that all the macros running on your machine are from trusted source, keep the security level to low.