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    I'm not sure if you can have an array of controls in Excel.

    You could write your code in a module, something like:

    Public Sub myTextBoxRoutine()
    'code here
    End Sub

    And simply call this routine from each Textbox change event. ie,

    Call myTextBoxRoutine
    End Sub

    Does this help?


    Hi there.

    This will select the last used cell in a column, you can modify it to suit your code.

    Hope it helps.

    Sub LastCellInColumn()
    End Sub


    Please can someone have a look at the attatched Holiday Chart I'm working on.

    I have Office XP and it works fine, however - when I use it at work (not sure what version of Excel they have) I get the following error in the Workbook_Open method:

    Run time error 91; Object variable or With variable not Set.

    It occurs at the following part of my code:


    I don't understand because I've set the variable using the .Find function. ie - Set rngCurrDate = ActiveSheet.Columns(2).Find( etc, etc.

    Please help me :flame:

    Thanks very much

    Don't mean to sound stupid, but how do you use the ADDRESS Function to refer to another worksheet?


    Other than that it works great - thanks.


    Hello everyone.

    Please can someone explain how to edit a formula so that when I use auto-fill to copy the formula across a row, it increments the row number (in the formula), rather than the column letter? Or vice-versa, when copying downwards through a column - how do I make it auto-increment the column letter (in the formula) rather than the row number?

    If none of that makes sense, let me know and I'll try to explain a little more...

    Thanks in advance...


    In the Workbook_SheetChange event, I need to write to a .txt file. Probably really simple but I can't seem to figure it out! Also, the first time the event is fired I need the .txt file to be created, in the same directory as the app.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Thanks Dan. (I did mean columns, oops!)

    I think I'll have to think of an alternative method. I'm creating a holiday chart which needs names down the left column, and days along the top row... I didn't want to use more than one sheet because I need other controls on the sheet, and a dozen or so sheets each with several controls on would take ages to save, and slow down my VBA coding... but maybe that's what I need to work on eh?!

    Thanks for your help, any suggestions on the above would be appreciated too.


    Ideally, I'd like to create an app in excel that requires approximately 400 rows, but excel only has 256.

    I really need to do this without seperating onto 2 or more worksheets.

    Anyone know if/how to extend it?