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    Re: Loop Through Files in Folder and check DateLastModified

    A simple function to loop through the folder using the FileDateTime function along with the DIR function to get a list of all files to make sure everything is dated this month should do it. Pseudo-code (in that it was typed freehand, is untested and may not be syntactically correct) ...

    You add a check before the main loop

    If not AllFilesDatedThisMonth() then Exit sub '// (Or whatever)

    Re: Excel macro- first sort on col.a,then b,then,c +subtotal of d,e,f based on each

    Grief - What's the problem with adding a link?

    Unoriginal arguments designed to support your limited and selfish point of view, only. However, the board rules, which you agreed to follow when you joined, require links so there's no poncy arguments about "the positive aspects of cross posting". End of story.

    If you cross post and do not add links then there is a chance that anyone replying could be wasting their time if the same, or substantially the same, answer was given on another forum. At least with a link, they can check.

    As you have seen fit not to add the link, you can't be too bothered about others possibly wasting their time while trying to help you. If you're not bothered, I (and I would hope, we) are not bothered about helping you. The thread has been closed.

    Re: Function VBA Help

    The reason you get #value is because the code is throwing an error. I did try to figure out the logic but failed, miserably.

    First step: Add error handling to your function.

    That, at least, will warn you when things are not right and perhaps you can begin to resolve it from there.

    Re: Excel macro- first sort on col.a,then b,then,c +subtotal of d,e,f based on each


    Please add links to your posts on other forums for this issue - same as you did in your other thread.

    Also, attaching a picture is pointless. It just means anyone attempting to help is going to have to recreate your data first - and that takes time. Possibly another reason you are not getting replies. Upload a sample workbook


    Re: Making the activecell the target of a copy and paste macros

    It's a little silly selecting a cell and then checking if the active cell is somewhere else... but maybe you were chopping and changing trying to get it to work.

    Try turning the IF statement around the other way:

    Re: Create & Save filtered list into new workbook

    My apologies - I changed the structure of the code and forgot.

    Instead of commenting out the call to the procedure, just comment these lines (in RemoveHiddenRows):

    although it should have been easy enough to follow as comments were included with each block of code that actually did sometihng.

    Re: if cell in sheet is empty, cancel SQL and go to next Sub

    At that point Branch will ALWAYS be empty...

    I've no idea what the procedure Find_Company_Relation_ID does or how it relates to your code, but something like this might work a little better

    Re: if cell in sheet is empty, cancel SQL and go to next Sub

    That code can't run because of mismatched control structures. There's an Extra 'End If' in there. This is probably related to the commented out 'If' block earlier but it is your responsibility to ensure code you post at least compiles so that it can be tested.

    If your code refers to controls on a userform or named ranges/worksheets then you should upload a copy of your workbook so that it can be tested without having to go to the extra trouble of recreating your environment first.

    If the code jumps straight to the line you mention then check the actual value of FinalRow. It is probably < 6.

    Re: Copying multiple ranges to a new sheet sequentially

    You don't actually extend the second range to cover columns 14-17 - you just mention 14.

    Also, you need to explicitly define each 'range'

    Union(Range(Cells(i, 2), Cells(i, 12)), Range(Cells(i, 14), Cells(i, 17)))...

    Re: Programatically activate available control check box in userform additional contr

    The users shouldn't have to do it manually as the project will be saved with the correct reference. As it will also be registered on the users machine there is no need for them to have to add the reference to the control. Excel should pick up the correct installation directory from the registry.

    Sounds like you are distributing a control with the workbook. Why?

    Re: Position code to be extract based on multiple criteria


    2 threads on this forum, both not in accordance with the forum rules (Also are not in accordance with the rules of the other forum as well). Might suggest you read this and then update your threads on both forums - and please do not simply ignore this request as you have on the other forum.

    Re: VBA Email Format Problem

    Add a small function to a standard code module

    Then call it passing all the elements of the address in an array

    "<b>Address:</b><br>" & _ 'Address in Bold
    AddressBlock(Array(txtAdd1.Value, txtAdd2.Value, txtCity.Value, txtCounty.Value))

    Re: Copy a template sheet if it doesnt exist from names in a column

    "erroring in various places" is not very informative.

    Because of the 'Resume Next' statement, the only place it can actually throw an error is

    Set myrange = Worksheets("Names").Range("A1") 
        Set myrange = Range(myrange, myrange.End(xlDown))

    Assuming you DO have a worksheet named 'Names' then the error is probably in the 2nd of those lines. A long hand, and not very efficient way, to assign a range like that is to replace both those lines with

    '// TYped freehand - Untested
        Set myrange = Worksheets("Names").Range(Worksheets("Names").Range("A1"), Worksheets("Names").Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp))

    Every reference to a cell address is qualified with the worksheet name.

    Please help others to help you - give full information about an error; where it occurs and any message displayed.