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    I have:

    ******ItemA**********Units********Price**********Net Total*****Sub total********Total*****
    ***Cardboard Box******45********$125************132.02*******X***********Z****

    I want the macro to find through a list of items (ItemA, ItemB, ItemC, ItemD, ItemE, ItemF...) if the entry is found, then copy from that entry's row, column A, B, C and D and paste it to the worksheet with the same name (ItemA, ItemB...) in the next available row with the time stamp at the end column E of that worksheet.

    Re: Move shape below last entry

    After the shape moves, like you helped me, I need this shape to ungroup, change the caption of one of the labels that are included in it (LBLpayment) according to the value of cell f35 and group it again as ReceiptFoot



    I posted this issue in Mr eXcel

    I get run-time error 1004 The specified name wasn't found

    Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
    Dim R As Long
    R = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Receipt").Cells(65000, 1).End(xlUp).Row + 1
    With Worksheets("Receipt").Shapes("ReceiptFoot")
            .Cut Destination:=Range("R")
    End With
    End Sub

    I'm trying to find the last entry in column A and move the Shape right below that. The shape I just grouped a bunch of labels and textboxes.

    Re: If rs232 device is ZERO don't run code

    if there is no weight in the scale, it sends 0.0 which is captured as 0 by the dde server. this might happen if the button that activates the macro is pressed by accident, which in my circumstances is most likely to happen. so the device sends a 0. I want to exit the sub if the data is 0. it could be null but that causes my trouble with 0.X measurements so I left it as is.

    I am using this macro to get data from a rs232 device onto excel.
    I want to add an If statement to it, so that the code won't run if the data from the device is 0

    Re: SAVEAS function with two sources of data

    Quote from PCI;520332

    What do mean by

    Is it in the file name to put the information?

    well basically I want to save the file with the name of the person who is entering data and the date.



    I need a macro that saves with date and name, how can It be done?


    A1 has the date
    B1 has the name
    C1 has the location where it will save

    I want it to saveas to the location specified with date and name.

    thank you very much

    Re: Lock/Unlock Cells Based On Validation Lists

    I applied this to my spreadsheet, but somehow when the cells are supposed to be cleared of the conditional formatting, only the top cell clears and the rest stays black (color I used).

    I did all of it just the same.



    then for range =$A$3:$E$24
    =G1=FALSE then it colors everything black. then I clicked the box Stop if True. when the cell a1 has data, it only clears a3 and the rest stays black