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    Re: Find & replace text looping through a list

    Another quick question, if i need to change the vba code to have the new value in column d (master data)instead of replacing the value in column b, what do i need to modify in the code?


    Good afternoon, looking through the forum and I'm not able to find it.

    I looking for a VBA code to find a replace specific text through a list on sheet2.

    I have my database of old position names in sheet1 colunm C and I have a new list of Positions on sheet2

    Is there a way to loop through sheet2 to find the name of old Positions (Sheet2 A1, A2, A3, etc..) to be replaced and replace them in Sheet1 (colunmA) if match the old position?
    The new positions names are located on sheet2 (B1, B2, B3, etc...)

    Any suggestions?

    good morning,

    I'm trying to set-up the print area for my actual & Forecast.

    I have two years of data from A1 to U735, dates are in column B

    Is it possible with a macro to set up the print area for each Month?


    Good morning, Is it possible to change the starting year in the advanced calendar?
    I used the Calendar Control 10.0
    Right know when you want to change the year the calendar, it start at 1900. Can we change it to 2008?


    Good afternoon,

    I have 365 days of data that I need to sum by specific weekday. I need to Sum every fisrt Sundays of each month for the year, then each mondays, Tuesdays, etc. I looked all over the forum and was not able to find a thread. Is ithat possible to do?


    good afternoon.

    In my range A1 to J1. I have 10 different rates

    $259 $269 $289 $269 $269 $259 $289 $239 $249 $329

    in B2 I have a blended rate of $279, what would be the formula to round the blended rate to the next highest rate in my range? (that would be $289)


    Good morning,

    I'm not getting that early in the morning, any help would be appriciated

    In A1 I've the start time
    In B1 I've the end time

    in C2 I have a time value ie 6:30 AM

    I need a formula IF C1 is between the start time and end time to return the value 1 and if not to return 0


    Good afternoon, I found this VBA code on one of your post for printing a copy of a pivot table for each item field.
    I tried to modify it without success to set up a dynamic print area to fit on 1 page landscape, since each item field have a different size (some 6 rows, some have 100 rows or more). Any suggestions??


    Good evening,

    I have a dynanic range named Room on B1
    My combobox1 rowsource is linked to the Dynamic range Room

    I would like to be able to delete the the specified selected room from the combobox and the next 3 column C,D,E (delete Shift cells up)


    Good afternoon,

    Is it possible to have the user inputing a value in cell $G$8

    and have the range B11 to G11 to be copied x time depending the value of Cell $G$8 down

    ie: Value is 5, it will be copied on 5 rows under B11 to G11??

    Any help would be appreciated


    Good day to all, I"m looking for a VBA code to delete rows based on 1 condition. I have some data from B12 & down, same for column C,D and E. I'm looking to delete all rows under B12 if they do not have any data. Even if Column C, D or E have data


    Good morning.

    Every month I need to save a template report file 30 times in a specific folder.

    Is it possible with VBA to create a macro to save the file 30 time with increment from 1 cell

    Ie if Cell A1 is 07-01-06 to save it to 07-02-06, 07-03-06 until 07-31-06?