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    Re: Insert Rows With Formulas In Place

    I am not sure how you have you data set up, but based on your example it may not be setup in data base form, but if you were to set it up in data base form, then you can they produce a pivot table to give you the results you are looking for. Then as you add more data to the data base the pivot table will update with the formulas/results already in place.


    Re: Protect Workbook If Past Certain Date

    You could still use the blank dummy workbook as Dave suggested even though the workbook is shared around by several users. If the workbook is on a server which gives access to several users, this would be easier to use Dave's suggestion because you can keep control of the opening dummy file with the correct date. If the file is on on more than one PC and not on a server, you would only need to update the dummy file in each computer from time to time which could be done by email, must be saved at a specific location that you determine for the file to read the date. If the updated file does not exist on that PC, then the file would not open at all which would force the users to update the opening file which you can control.

    Just wanted to make sure you think about Dave's suggestion before thinking it would not work just because you have a file that is being shared by severel users. Sometimes we just need to think out of the box to get thinks to work.


    Re: Calculate Weekly Sales With A Midweek Start

    I am afraid that Dave is correct here, If you want it done automatically and not use any VBA which is your request, then you really need to look at the way your spreadsheet is setup. This setup is not very good for mining data which is what you really want to do to get the end results.


    Re: Clearing Pivot Table Drop Down Entries

    Hi upside,

    If you drag the data tab you want to clear from the pivot table, refresh, and the drag the data tab back in, your drop down entries should only have what is now in you table of data. Some times you will have to save the file after draging the data tab out of the pivot table, then open the file again and them drag the tab back into te pivot table.

    I hope this helps

    Re: Hide Column


    I have down loaded your sample sheet and it works as HTH stated. Is this not what you wanted, cell A1 does not change back when I tested it.


    Re: Data From Input To Database List


    Looks like all you need to do is go change the code that you have from D5, D7, D9, D1, and D13 to A5, A15, A20, A25, and A26.

    You will then change the cells that will be copied to the database.


    Re: Auto Insert Invoice Number


    I have taken you file, open it, then saved it to a new name, and then opened the new file and the invoice number increased by one the new file.

    Not sure why it is not working on you computer.

    A few things to make sure you are doing.

    1) Are you saving the file when you close it becasue if you are not saving it, the same invoice will update and look like it did not work.

    2) Are you enabling Marco's because this is the only way the code will run and increase the invoice number by 1.


    Re: Today's Date Display In Gantt Chart


    There is no VBA in the solution that is being used Zymurgy1. Just look in the conditional format drop down and you will see the formula that makes the line show up on today's date.

    Great idea on getting a line on this type of chart.


    Re: Formula To Show Current Grade Of Student

    Welcome to the Forum rene,

    To get the number of grades to divide by you could just use the count function and divide the total points by this total.

    To get the letter grade you could just use a VLookup to the percentage to get the letter grade.

    To you have a small sample you can post.


    Re: Delete Rows Based On Two Columns


    Did you try Range's code, It worked for me just like you wanted it to work. The code Deleted all rows that had a "D" in Column "L" and was blank in column "A" and it also changed all of the "D's" in Column "L" to a 1 as you asked for.


    Re: Print Active Cell Highlight

    I like where you are going with this Aaron, I think I might have to play with this one also. I really like the idea of making it look like it will jump off of the page.

    Thanks for the idea

    Re: Macro for Alt Print Screen of Chart

    First of all, I am sorry for the delay in responding, but I have been out of town and was not able to get back to the post. I am really glad to see some additional responses. I have been trying to get something to work here for sometime.

    Thanks for the input, I will give the screen capture code a try. I think this is what I will need and I will just need to crop what I don't need if it works. I have been able to get the cropping to work, I just could not get the picture to screen capture to work.

    I will let you know how it works.

    Again, Thanks for the code to use for screen capture of the chart.

    Re: Alt Print Screen

    I am trying to get a picture copy of a chart without the links. I have tried to copy only the charts as a picture and this works OK, but is not as clear as when I use the Alt Print Screen method. The colors are not as clear and are not in the correct locations.

    I noticed at the top of this post there was a thread that talked about this issue but for some reason I can not open this thread anymore. It is located at

    Thanks for any help

    I am tring to use the keys of, Alt Print Screen, within some code to get a picture of the screen as is and then I am going to trim some of the copied screen down to suit what I need. I have used the marco recorder to try and get the line of code to preform this task, but when you record this, it does not show up in the code recorded. Can someone let me know it this can be done and what code would perform this task.


    Re: Disable Sorting

    Hi Dave,

    Just wanted to follow up on your posted code. It worked great just like I expected it to work.

    Again, thanks for you time and expert help.