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    Hopefully this is going to be easy for you all but I've been trying to figure this out for a while now and I can't find anything here already.

    I want to select a range which is normally fairly simple:


    However for some reason I cant select this range when using an oustide reference (i can select a single cell but not a selection.)


    I = 4
    Range("N & I:U & I").Select

    Cannot be done yet

    I = 4
    Range ("N" & I).Select


    Is there anyone that can explain this to me?

    Thanks for the help in advance

    Re: Calculating effective hours in 2 columns

    I think the reason that Daves suggestion is returning 391 hours etc is because of the date chage because it is merely taking the total timescale of the selected range. One way to achieve what I think you require is merely to sum each row (like in you example above for the first two rows), then sum the times at the bottom of the column of sums.

    Hope this makes sense. Let me know if I'm way off track.



    Just read this post again and realised you want effective time i.e, where times are replicated, you only require the overall timeframe, not these times replicated, apologies for the lack of help i've been. :? Hopefully someone else may figure it out

    Re: Count the number of digits

    the =COUNTIF fuction will do what you require. Just do = COUNTIF([RANGE],[CRITERIA]) for example enter this into the bottom of a column


    This will return the number of nines in the range A1 to A14. Hope this helps.

    Re: 24 frames per second

    Oh i see. If im understanding correctly now, you want to be able to watch the film and record in real time the time frame of each piece of dialogue. If this is the case im guessing you need to record a macro using the timer function (I think it worrks off the computers cpu clock) but my Visual basic is too weak to be able to do this at the moment Im afraid. Im sure one of the senior members will be able to help you.

    Im guessin you already knew all of what ive said, I'm sorry i couldnt be of more use. :?

    Re: 24 frames per second

    oh, so you mean that you want the last 2 digits to represent the frame number not real time? i.e frame 0 is 0 seconds realtime, frame 1 is 0.0416667 seconds in realtime, frame 3 is 0.0833334 etc etc. But you dont want the actual time you require the frame number yes?

    Sorry if i'm being unhelpful :? ! Still trying to understand what you actually want!

    Re: 24 frames per second

    I think i know what you are gettin at however apologies if im wrong.

    gettin 24 frames per second is just a fraction i.e 1/24 is the timeframe required for 1 frame. Hence a simple way to achieve this is to do the follwing:
    In column A, have the timeframe sequence i.e 0 down to 24 then in column B simply enter the formula:

    =A1/24. this will then give you time as a decimal which is how time is calculated when using fraction of a second (think of the olympic timings 9.78sec etc). You can then either carry this on down the column, i.e for 0-1000 timeframes or create an array with 24 timeframes in each column by simply adding 1 to column c, 2 to d etc etc. Let me know if this is any help.

    If you want me to post an example let me know

    Re: Creating pre entered dates

    In which case, in the second cell (A2) type the formula:


    Then simply drag down. All you then have to do is input your date into A1 and all the cells below will automatically update as the formulas will remain.

    Re: Creating pre entered dates

    If you are just requiring say every monday, then all you need to do is enter the first two dates (i.e 17/10/04 then 24/10/04), highlight the two cells are drag down the page until you reach whatever date you require. Is this what you meant or have i completely misread you question?

    If you just enter the start date you will get every single date in the list, by inputing two dates, it will update you list at regular intervals (i.e 7 days)

    Hi Roy

    Thanks for the help. Tried that code but doesnt quite do what i want it to do. For some reason it will only pick up the first cell in the range, it doent run down the list. Also i want to be able to post the new value in the column adjacent. Any ideas please let me know. I know im probably being quite stupid not being able to manipulate the code too well myself but i've only just started learning VBA, sorry! :?

    Hi again all

    I know this is probably really easy for you but I'm really not sure about how to go about this. If I have a list that has the same entry within in several times, is there any way to do a lookup through the list and each time it runs through, it prompts the user for a response for example:

    in list:


    Then running through looking for A, each time it prompts the user to input something and places that in another column.

    Hope you all understand what I mean, if not i will explain further.

    Many thanks

    Thank you very much for your help, if I have any further problems i will let you know, it's a good thing you guys are doing here

    (sorry that bit in the code you were unsure of, that was something i left in by accident! Looks like you spotted that though)

    Works an absolute treat. Perfect.

    Hi all

    Im new to this forum so please be patient with me! Im having problems with some simple VBA code (I've only just started learning). I am trying to get an output string given a certain date is entered by the user. I can do it however the problem arises in that i want an out put that is relevant for a date section within any year. I can get an output if i enter a year range but i don't know how to do this for any year please see code below:

    What i need to do is ammend the above so that any input year can output January, february, march 1-10, march 11-31 etc etc which is why i cant just go on a month output.

    I know this has been confusing but i hope someone can help!!!

    Thanks in advance!