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    Re: Data Entry

    Wowo i love you man :D

    You forgot an if block but that doesn't matter :D :D

    Giz a little while to figure out what you did though ok

    Re: Data Entry

    here sorry i will post the entire code then cause i may be confusing you

    Re: Data Entry

    hmm it seems to be hanging on
    If Target.Count <> 1 Or Intersect(Target, Range("a1:a5")) Is Nothing Then
    Could you explain the code a little please :)

    i was hoping to be able to get a box to pop up where the user enters his data and that would be written to a cell ?? is that possible ??

    e.g maybe
    Enrty = InputBox("hours")

    But anyfurther i cant get i have no idea how to formulate my answer to that.

    Re: 24 frames per second

    does that mean it would work in newer versions ???

    (should i get the newer version)

    would it work if i was able to create a variant which i added 1 to every 2.5 seconds and then after 60 secs i should reset it ??

    Re: 24 frames per second

    ok no worries giz us a couple of days on this and ill see what i have ok

    If anybody else has any ideas throw them in please im always up for ideas

    But i never actually did that much with excel. until now :D thanx to all here for the help wiv it

    Lets c what i can pull up

    -edit I'll have to do it at home anyway cause i only have a german version at work

    Re: 24 frames per second

    hi thanx for the quick reply :)

    i had been working along the lines of something similar

    Re: 24 frames per second

    yup you got what i meant sorry that i was so unclear maybee if i describe the task alittle better it would describe the solution.

    I have a excel table where i have rows of text. the text is dialouge in a film. I will need to state how long the dialouge is shown (subtitles). so instead of entering every timecode in by hand. (involving stopping the tape entering the entire timecode then carrying on till they stop talking then most of the time rewinding to the point where they stopped and entering that timecode as out) i was hoping to be able to create a macro in vb where it would enter the time code for me at the click of a button. :D

    Thats the problem the solution i am still figuring out ;)

    Re: 24 frames per second

    i would love to be able to post but i am using the internet via a remote desktop so im unable to do this :( *hates IT department

    I will try and create a table


    This would be the format i am using
    But the last two digits can only go up to 24 so that would be +1 every 2.5 seconds

    Re: 24 frames per second

    ahh i think i know what your getting at instead of doing it all in 1 cell do it in 4 am i right ???(if so would it be possible to compress the cells at the end to one?)

    heya all i was wondering how to record a time code of

    i can enter the time onto the sheet but i was wondering how to change the time into 24 frames a second ??? Maths was not my strong point.
    i was also wondering with the code i have below is it possible to change the first time and affect the rest e.g.
    B1 = 00:00:00:01
    C2 = 00:00:01:01

    then i changed B1 to 00:00:01:01
    that C2 would then display 00:00:02:01

    I have been thinking along the lines of craeting a value that would have the value 1 added every 2.5 seconds. How could i do that ??? so if i have this changing value i would be able to copy it down to the other cells or ???

    The Other way i was thinking would be to create in cell 1A 00:00:00:00
    then in the rest of the other cells give a refrence to cell 1A then e.g. +00:00:00:12 this would be my prefered method but how could i explain that the last 2 digits are only allowed to go up to 24 ??

    if anybodys got some ideas on this that would be great

    thanx in advance .Me

    Re: Simple Loop prob

    sorry heres the entire loop working

    the reason it wasnt working was relativly simple it was looping due to the fact it just said loop all i needed to do was state loop while myvar = true ah boy thanx alot for pointing me in the right direction and not just telling me :D

    yeah now i feel good about it too :)