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    Re: Sort Datas by Last 2 weeks dates

    well.. the code does care about the other columns. The rest of the columns are also sorted along with the column "I". It's just that the sorting criteria is at the column I.

    Re: Sort Datas by Last 2 weeks dates

    Here's the Code:

    'Filtering Part Name Through ComboBox1'


    I have several userforms and will like to put everything together and make it more user friendly. For example, there is this master interface and i have several command buttons. Each button will open up the userform/macro linked to it. I am able to carry out till this part.

    The main problem is i will like the sub userforms/macros to open up within the master interface. It's just like web pages using frames to display the different pages but the sidebar main menu remains the same. Can i do the same in excel vb?


    Hi all, i have a database and i need to do a partial search on columnA. Need to do this using a macro. i have a column of data, let say SN7689123..TO457342..SN567658..LP234236..and so on. I want to search for what i want by just typing in a part of the number. If i wanna look for 457342, i just need to type 457 and the entire row of result will appear. Data in column A are strings. I'm quite lost here. Will be grateful for your help!