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    I am trying to create a summary sheet that will look on certain worksheets based on on a cell.

    For example:
    If cell E1 equals 10-Oct-30 then it will pull data from tab 'End Oct 30'

    I would prefer to use a formula for this calculations. to aid in another persons potential use. A custom function would be OK.

    Re: Change backgroung before print

    So I figured it out, thanks for all your help Scott.

    I tried to put the number I wanted in place of the name and that didnt work earlier :? . The number of course does work. The problem was the place of my last line.

    I wanted to
    Change > Print > Change
    I was actually
    Change > Print > Close > Change
    which it was of course to late to change back.
    So here is the final code using both sort and long versions you gave me. :thanx:

    Re: Change backgroung before print

    So where can I find a list of all the colors that can be used.
    I want to change it back to the default light brown color after the print.

    I know the number is -2147483633

    Re: Change backgroung before print

    So that is a great start, I have edited the line to

    Forms("Refunds sorted by Property Name").Controls("section:Detail").ForeColor = vbWhite

    I need to change the "Back Color" of the whole form. O am assuming that I would just change ForeColor to BackColor but I still cant seem to find how to call the form to be changed. I tried "Section" and "Detail" individually but cant seem to get it.

    Can anyone help change colors in the following code:

    I tried to use some excel vba I know, but they are obviously not as interchangeable as I would wish.

    I have a report that groups members birthdays by month. The report will list the groups in alphabetical order which is of course not what I want. I would like from Jan to Dec order. Any ides.

    Re: Filter list box to subdata

    A9192Shark I just reread your post and I believe I get it now. It is still running as I said in the last post but thanks for showing me the criteria method, I still probaply set up all wrong, but hay!

    Re: Filter list box to subdata

    Well I have been busy,
    Its still not guite how I want it but its closer.

    Edited the properties as:
    Control Soure has nothing
    Row source has the query set with the ID and then the criteria is set with the forms ID, (only way I could get it to work)
    Have a afterupdate code to refresh the data if you click on the list box.

    So as of right now the listbox will only show the parents kids, but if you select one in box nothing will happen. If you change the parent on the form the kid will change but the box will not unless selected.

    I tried what you said A9192Shark, but I am just not understanding.
    Would still like help getting it correct, please.

    Re: Ozgrid Toolbar

    As far as I know the only toolbar that is customizable is the standard toolbar. If you click on the Download Ozgrid Toolbar and go to the website you can create your own toolbar for free (hope I didnt step on toes). You can then share it with friends, family or for work.

    Re: Ozgrid Toolbar

    Right click on the toolbars then click customize, selet the command tab, now select the category you need and then drag and drop the item you need on the toolbar. On the toolbars tab you can also create a custom toolbar that you can drop in the toolbars area and then add items to it in the same manner.

    Re: Is this possible?

    Here is just a none VBA "thought"
    You could set the font of your columns to wingdings, find the arrow keys(and memorize) then all you would have to do is go through and press the needed key for the week. It wouldnt be automated but certainly quicker than trying to paste arrows in every column.

    Re: Creating new copied worksheets named from range

    Are you familiar with Access and if so, have you considered importing your tables and organizing that way? With everything you need to accomplish it might be a good thought.

    I am not the quickest at code and it would take me about a day to write what you need, but generally what you will need to do is write code to:
    Create a page,
    Copy data from your form sheet, paste it
    Find matching data from master, copy and paste
    Format and name sheet,
    Start over using next line of info from form sheet,
    Continue till done.

    If my understanding is correct you could start collecting snippets of code to do what you need. Just remeber use a backup copy in case it doesnt work out.

    So I am done thinking outloud Goodluck!