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    Re: calendar cell ref

    2 Things.

    1. Thankyou
    2. I apprecaite it

    I originally placed it in the userform code and when that didnt work I tried the worksheet. The calendar1, I just dont know how I mesed that up. But I appreciate the help. As always ya'll are fantstic.

    Re: calendar cell ref

    No that didnt work. I tried name the range several different ways.
    I tried those add-ins and get errors. This machine has 97 on it by the way.

    I found what I was looking for without actually having to post a question(yeah for me. Right?). Well I did exactly as I was told to set up the calendar

    Everthing went easy, I got it all set up, but I cant seem to make it reference the cell I need (G2). I want to select a date via the calendar and pull that to the cell. I am sure I messed up somewhere. But where?

    Code used

    Private Sub Calendar1_Click()
    	ActiveCell = Calendar1.Value
    End Sub
    Private Sub UserForm_Activate()
    	Me.Calendar1.Value = Date
    End Sub

    Much thamks to Dave Hawley for the calendar info.

    Re: Yesterday's Date

    My department is not allowed to alter our computers in any way, including installs. Any request for additions, for the most part, go ignored. At work I am forced to use Excel 97 without even web query installed. But at home I have 2003 with anything I can get my hands on installed.

    Re: Macro changes formatting

    I went back and deleted the line. I also had to go back and turn everything back on at close. It was changing my settings to other books. I appreciate the help, its one more "problem" I can scratch off the list. :surfing:

    Re: VBA for Web query's URL

    Some sites have masked addresses that prevent automatic downloads from taking place. Thus the reason why you can manually pull up the site and then run your query, but not set up a macro. Dont know if this helps.

    So I need some help. I have two buttons that turn off and on some options.
    The code is

    The off code is

    When I turn the options on my entire workbook goes into this weird format and ignores all the formatting I have set up. Dates are in text strings, cells value that run over other cells visibly, can no longer be seen. Column width is set to 20. It does this on all pages. When I turn off the options everything goes back to my formatting. Any help to keep the formatting all the time?

    Re: select worksheets to apply settings

    Different Compile error: without next
    I added a "s" to worksheet to fix the other error.

    Dim ws As Worksheets 
    For Each ws In Worksheets 
        With ws

    Still cant get it to run.

    I am trying to turnoff settings when a workbook is open. The code works just fine to the active sheet but I cant seem to get to apply to all sheets.

    Thanks in advance.

    Re: userform wizard

    That is very awesome.
    You right click on the toolbox and click new page. After that you just drag your controls to the new page and drop them in. Thank you guys VERY much this will be vey helpful. :rock:

    Re: userform wizard

    I am actually just trying to speed up my productivity. I prefer to use userforms and I set them up all the time. I can do it quicker in access because of the wizard. You use the wizard and then just make some adjustments. I was thinking this morning that it would be a nice feature for excel. I would be more likely to use the userform feature more, because I wouldnt have to spend so much time designing it. I usually just code to open the built in feature, but have aways thought it would be nice to save the form it creates. I have done some searching for an addin, but will look more. Thanks :)