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    I hope I am posting this in the correct place.

    Is there some kind of excel userform wizard? Similar to the one in access, maybe? If so how would I get to it? If not, is there an add-in somewhere?

    Re: Date Formula

    Go to format>Conditional formatting and set it to equals Overdue and then pick your Format. as for the formula I am working on that. Maybe somebody quicker will trow one up here.

    So have no clue where to begin on this.

    What I am trying to do is create a message box that opens on Monday and tells every one to turn their time sheets in.

    Here is mu usual msg box that I have already changed for my project

    Option Explicit
    Private Sub Workbook_Open()
    MsgBox "It's Monday." & vbNewLine & _
    "Don't forget to turn in your time sheet!", vbOKOnly & vbInformation, "MONDAY"
    End Sub

    How to set it to turn on every monday, I have no clue.

    Re: Additional file created during File Save As

    I found out the other day when excel has a crash, it will create a file that looks like the temp file. I found that in my case I had a corrupt worksheet due to my code. Dont know if this helps any but figured Id let ya know. GL

    Re: if formula

    The error I was getting was because in vba I have to put the quatation marks inside quatation marks.

    Range("A2:a300").Formula = "=IF(B2="""","""",(LEFT(C2,3)&LEFT(D2,2)))"

    I droped the second line of code and that fixed my other problem.
    So problem solved, Thank you guys for all your help! :facepull:

    Re: if formula

    I added the code to the sheet. And it works but not completely. The formula was incorrect so I tried to replace it with the correct and received errors. Tried to adjust the ranges to work on a permanent sheet and instead of it seeing the same row values it jumped, row 4's formula referred to row 932 and so on.

    Re: if formula

    Sometimes while your typing so are other people.
    Those other post I didnt see till after Mine.
    So after lots of playing around I went with
    It only triggers on text if the cell is blank or ther is number then it does nothing. Which I never really thought about until I played with al the fomulas.

    So after playing around with those I thought "man it would be cool to throw that in some code so I wont have to drag the cells every time I add a new line."
    So I type out this

    Range("a20:a300").Select = "=If(ISTEXT(B2),"",LEFT(C2,3)&LEFT(D2,2))"

    And then I realized, I ignorant I really am.
    So do you guys think you could me out? :thanx:

    Re: if formula

    Yep that works. I knew it was going to be something that simple. A had it in and out of "" but I never thought to drop the = sign. Sometimes My mind just goes on the fritz. So thank you again Norie.

    Here is the formula I made

    =IF(B2<" ","","=LEFT(C2,3)&LEFT(D2,2)")

    Basically I want to return a formula if b2 has text in it.
    This way it only returns it has text instaed of calculating.
    I know this should be easy but I have drawn a blank.

    So here is my current venture.
    I would like to pull a cell value and add three letters from one column to it and 2 letters from another column to create a unigue id tag. I have had no luck finding a formula and am not good enough (yet) with code. any help would be appreciated.

    Attachment shows the actualy layout of the database I will be using. The size is about 200 rows and will grow.

    Re: macro causes close

    Sure, I will try that but it will be later to night. Currently I just deleted the sheet and recreated it with cell plus cell furmulas. Added an extra sheet to see everthing differently the way I wanted. But I will email this to my self and work on it from home tonight to try the version theory. Beyond that I am ready to let it go as fluke and move on. Thank you everyone for help and input.

    Re: macro causes close

    The version I'm using at this location is 97. Doesn't offer the repair option. I went ad deleted the sheet with the macro on it. And my problem goes away. If I add the sheet back I still have no problems. If I add the macro back then the problem comes back.

    Re: macro causes close

    That code good runs alot prettier than mine did! Thats a cool way of seeing it done. Unfortunately that did not stop the close. If I run the macro the program closes fine. If not thats when I get the error.