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    Re: macro causes close

    I have three sheets that look exactly alike. Two get values and information enetered on different land properties. the third totals the two sheets values but has different information. We want to ba able to look at all three seperate before totalling the values on the third.

    I recorded a macro that just copies and paste info onto another worksheet.
    My problem is that when I open the workbook and try to do anything it says Excel has incounterd a problem and needs to close. But, when I run the macro before doing anything else the book is ok.
    Any ideas why?
    Here is my code which was created via the recorder.


    Could someone post a user form for me to study.

    I want one that I can study how it is bound to cells and creates new rows and stays bound to them.

    I would really appreciate it.

    Re: one time use vba

    I think that way is cool and will take advantage of it. but in this case the workbook will be going to other people. I dont what aspects of the book they wil change. So yes when they click ok I want the code to be deleted.

    Re: If - Then

    If you use spog00 original formula to show $0

    Quote from dragon23

    i need a formula that when a certain cell is left blank then it will be $0. can someone help me?

    Then set formatting to currency showing the $ symbol.
    or use =IF(A1="","$0",A1) to show only that cell as money

    Currently I have :

    So my question, is there a way to delete just the msg after the first run.
    In other words the program opens, goes to cell a1 on home then shows the msg and then deletes the message.

    Much Thx

    Re: help with saving word file as a 'csv'

    Import with excel. Make your adjustments to the file then save as a .csv. If this is something you do on a regular basis then you can create a template using code to arrange it for you. I do this every once in a while for the same reasons.

    Re: Converting Lotus dates in .xls issue

    Good to hear you got it. I tried several different things. I had success by formatinging as text which showed as -1900. It carried the dtaes to excel for formating. The good news is that I now remember why I switched to excel.

    Re: Converting Lotus dates in .xls issue

    Change the properties in your column to 12-09-2001 format and resave as excell.
    Then you may need to do a find replace for the = sign on your column. Dont know why lotus saves it that way in excell. After you can chage your format to however you like.

    Hope that helps.

    Re: validation list from different worksheet

    My undersanding of list box is you create a box that refers to a cell. You can create a the list from any page. I have never used list boxes before.

    Currently I have a large database with about 35 (B:AH) columns and over 100 rows and growing. Each entry can only be certain chooses. Right now I use a validation ilst with a dropdown box for each cell. The list is at AZ:BB.
    I would like to keep the style of dropdown I am currently using but want to make the list more easily assesible for changes.

    Is there a way with my current configuration?

    I am trying to make it to where while under protecton the locked cells can not be selected. Not just edited, but completely blocked. I found this in the excell help files:

    "Note : In the Visual Basic Editor, programmers can use the EnableSelection property of Visual Basic for Applications to protect cells so that users cannot select them. For more information, see Visual Basic Editor Help."

    Unfortunately my VBE Help files are not installed and I do not have permission (Im at work) to install them. So Could someone help me out.